Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writing Website: Hub Pages

So I recently joined a new writing website called Hub Pages. You get to write articles on just about everything and have the chance to earn a percentage of any revenue that is generated from your pages or hubs as they call it. So far I am really enjoying it. I find the website to be very user friendly and it offers a lot of freedom to the writer when it comes to content. The community is lively and supportive. I have already written some new hubs on some topics I am familiar with.It's too early to tell how well the pages will perform, but I am optimistic!

Update: 1-23-14
So Hubpages was good for a while and the article were making decent money off the ad revenue.  However about a year or so ago, Google altered their search algorithm and the traffic and revenue took a big hit.  I no longer write new articles there but it is still a good website and I still have my articles published there.  

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