Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Web Hosting

So a little while back I was looking at cheap webhosting options when I was informed about free web hosting opportunities. I found a web host called 000Webhost. They give you 1500MB of hosting space plus a bunch of nice website building tools for free. All you need is a domain name and you are good to go. I had my domain name ready so all I needed to do was copy over the name of the server and it was all set. I used the website builder with a template to set up a straightforward simple website. 000Webhost has most of the features of my old host which I was paying about $100 a year for. Why pay that much when you can have a website for the cost of a domain name which is $10 a year? So if you are interested in having your own website with free web hosting check out 000Webhost.

Update: 000Webhost was good for a while but then I realized my website was being blocked on AT&T internet.  I tried many times to get this resolved but overall it did not work and I ended up having to switch to a different hosting service. You can read about this experience here

Monday, March 1, 2010

Taxes, Returns, Deductions...

So I just filed my 2009 income taxes. I did it myself online with one of the free services through the IRS. Overall it went pretty smooth but I didn't get back as much as I would have liked. I ended up owing the state a little which is annoying.

One of my main points to address in this article is how I think the tax system really needs to be changed. I understand income tax. But what I don't like is all these hundreds of tax deductions. It makes the system very complicated and leaves a lot of room for error. I don't understand why they have tax deductions in the 1st place.

There needs to be a better way to keep track of people's income and the taxes that are deducted from it. I don't see why they are leaving it up to individuals to report it. That is not good enough. I think it should be deducted and reported by the employer. But what about people that make their own money and have their own business? I guess they have to report their own.

Going through the filing process I just think there are way to many options and steps to consider when filing your taxes. It needs to be much more streamlined and accurate. It should just be, how much did you make and how much do you owe, simple as that. Maybe I don't know enough about the topic of taxes, but those are just some of my thoughts.