Monday, June 20, 2011

Beards, To Grow or Not To Grow?

Being a man in my late 20's I am in the habit of shaving every day.  It's a routine and it just seems like the thing to do.  The most I have gone without shaving is about a week.  This past week I had some time off so I decided to grow it out again for a week. Overall it looked ok, but I just didn't feel like myself.  It just feels kind of messy and out of place.  It's strange because I know it is natural, but for modern society it seems like shaving is the way to go.

Or is it?  Since it was on my mind, I began studying others facial hair, both in real life and on tv.  I noticed that about half of men are shaved and the other half have facial hair.  This is something I never really paid attention to until I tried to grow a beard.  So I guess you can go either way.  You can really commit to it and grow it out, you can shave it, or you can just take the lazy approach and go somewhere in between.

After a week, I shaved the beard.  I was starting to look like a bum or a scary looking guy haha.  Plus I don't really want to go through the whole explaining process of the new look with everyone I know who I run into.

I'll share a little story.  Back when I was in my early 20s, I would grow out the facial hair for a few days before I would shave it.  One day one of my older co-workers addressed me about it with one of those, "Hey did you forget to shave?".  I told him how I thought it made me look older if I didn't shave.  He told me it had nothing to do with that.  I highly respected this co-worker so I took his advice and began shaving more regularly.  That is how I got into the routine of shaving every day.

Maybe one day I will go for like a month and try growing a full out beard, but for now, I will stick with shaving.

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