Thursday, June 23, 2011

FireFox 5 Out Already?

I just upgraded to FireFox 4 like a month and now FireFox 5 is already out?  I thought about waiting to upgrade because there are usually bugs when a new version comes out, but I heard this is more like a minor update.  So I did download  it and it does look pretty much the same as FireFox 4.  I haven't explored it in depth but on the surface it looks and performs the same.

I recently was working on an older computer that still had FireFox 3.6.  It reminded me of how much I miss it.  Just the buttons at the top are so much more user friendly.  They are more colorful and easier to use.  I still prefer FireFox 3 over 4 and 5, but you gotta stay with the time in order to have the latest technology and security updates.  Anyone else miss the old FireFox?


  1. Yes indeed,
    I miss my Recent Pages button.

    And I loath how apps are starting to follow the M$ trend of ridding themselves of god ol' "File Edit View" by default. I know I can press alt to bring this up, but I shouldn't have to.

    I assume it's to slim down the top bar.

    They have to keep up with the times...well they don't have to, but they do. -_-

  2. Connected IsolationJune 27, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    I also prefer to keep the main menu at the top. There are some good options in there. Why are these new programs trying to hide everything? It make it less user friendly.