Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video Picks: Simple Pickup, Derek Sivers, Tom Green

Today I'm recommending 3 videos from Youtube ranging from clever to interesting to funny. 

Simple Pickup is a group of 3 guys that have dedicated a channel to picking up girls using a variety of themed pick up lines.  They are always hilarious and definitely one of my favorite Youtube channels.  In their latest video, they get girls numbers by using Harry Potter references.  You don't even have to like Harry Potter to appreciate it.  I guarantee you will laugh at least once. 

Next is a video by Derek Sivers, the founder of CDBaby. Derek has since moved on from the CD company and is now an entrepreneur.  Here is a video comparing different cultures that gives you a perspective on life that you never think about.  Did you know in Japan, they don't have names for streets? Learn how their address system works here.

Remember the Tom Green show?  Tom Green is one of those comedians where you either love him or hate him.  I happen to like him and think he is very funny.  I was just watching a few clips from his show and this one is a good example of his offbeat humor that I love.  Lately he has been touring and doing stand up comedy around the country.  I hope he gets back to making videos and shows soon!  In this video, Tom shares what he wants to have happen to him after he dies.

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