Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walmart is Ghetto

These days I try to avoid going to Walmart.  I don't know about the ones by you, but the one by me is pretty ghetto.  The area is not that bad, but somehow it attracts a certain population that you just don't really want to be around. The website "PeopleofWalmart" is no joke.  If I would have pulled out my camera, I could have gotten at least 10 pics that would be able to go on that site, just in one visit.

Every now and then I am lured back there simply because of the low prices.  You can't deny that they have rock bottom prices, but the experience alone is not worth it.  I would rather pay a little more for everything and go to Target just because it is a lot nicer.

I think the quality may also be going down on Walmart items.  I went there today an bought identical items that I have purchased from them in the past, but after I got home and inspected them, they were slightly different and appear to be of lower quality.  

It will be a while before I go back there if I do at all.

Update: 12-3-11
So I went to Walmart again.  I needed a daily planner for the new year and Walmart is one of the few places that has them cheap.  Other places like Staples are a rip off.  You will pay like $20 for a planner, when you can get them for $5 elsewhere.

I don't know about you, but I purposely dress down when I go to Walmart so I fit in better.  So I go in, navigate through the weird mix of people and get to the office supplies section.  I find the planners and the entire section is a mess!  There are like 20 to choose from and they are all scattered in different places, you can't even tell what the prices are for each.  The prices were not even that good either.  I ended up not buying any and just walking out.  Every time I am reminded of why I don't like to go back there.                                                                                       

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