Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Right of Way - Pedestrians vs. Cars

We all know that when it comes to pedestrians and cars, pedestrians are suppose to have the right of way.  I disagree with this rule.  I think cars should have the right of way over pedestrians. The same goes for looking out for the other.  Yes, drivers need to look out for people walking, but walkers need to be extra careful to look for cars when they are crossing. 

Say you are in a parking lot.  I car is driving along the road in front of the store and a person is trying to cross it to get to the store.  The person should wait until it is safe to cross.  The car should not be expected to come to a stop, wait for the person to cross, and then go.  It's much easier for a person to stop and go than it is for an automobile.

In an urban setting, I think this may be different and in that situation, when there are tons of people all the time, you have to give them more right of way, but in suburban or rural areas, I think the automobiles should have the right of way and the pedestrians should yield to them. 

Even when I am a pedestrian crossing a street, I feel the same way.  I wait for the cars.  Sometimes a car will stop and wave me through.  I accept and walk across, but I don't feel good about it.  I always feel like I am causing them an inconvenience and that it would be better if they just drove by and I walked after they passed. 

If an person and a car collide, the person is the one who is going to get hurt.  This is why they need to watch out for cars and not cross until it is safe.  Drivers are responsible as well, but they do not the stopping or starting ability that people do.  Overall, it might not sound right, but given these reasons, I think cars should have the right of way over pedestrians.

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  1. It is correct as the laws now certainly are not working. Young adults sometimes play games with cars forcing them to slam on their brakes, - " because they have the right of way". Other modes of transportation (trains and ships) The vehicle with the least ability to stop is the one who has the right of way. Clearly pedestrians moving at a much slower speed are able to stop and wait until traffic clears.
    Pedestrians have the better view with less distractions and more time to assess the situation.