Friday, May 12, 2017

Live With Kelly and Ryan Review – Did they make the right choice for new co-host?

One of my favorite shows to watch is Live with Kelly, or as it has been known recently, Live with Kelly and Michael, and Live with Regis and Kelly. I try to catch this show whenever I can in the morning as it is always a delight to see Kelly and the different guests each week.

Over the past few months, Kelly was the only permanent host and each day they had a different co-host join her on the show. Usually they were other celebrities and well known entertainers. I enjoyed this rotating format as it made the show a little more interesting knowing there would be different people featured each week.

Finally after months without a permanent co-host, they announced Ryan Seacrest as the new official co-host who would be joining Kelly. The announcement was met with mixed reviews based on what I saw from the fan reactions online. I was a surprised by the choice considering they had a lot of great candidates to choose from and several that were clearly fan favorites.

Personally I would have liked to see one of the others chosen as the new permanent co-host. My top pick would have been Fred Savage. He was very likable on the show and had a great energy and chemistry with Kelly. I also think a great choice would have been Richard Curtis who was the teacher who made it on as a co-host through one of their promotions. He did such a great job, they asked him back several more times.

Another good pick would have been Scott Wolf. He also had great chemistry with Kelly and really fit the morning talk show role well in terms wholesomeness and sense of humor. I even would have liked to see her husband Mark Consuelos be the co-host, but I know that could be difficult because it would mean the two would be spending a lot of time together each week.

Nevertheless, Ryan Seacrest was chosen as the new co-host. Personally I feel kind of indifferent about this choice. He has a lot of experience in similar roles from his days on American Idol and from being on the radio. I think the producers of the show figured he would be a safe choice to fill the role of co-host. For me, he was definitely not my first choice, but I think he will do ok.

So far they have had 2 weeks with the new format of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Overall I think Ryan is doing ok. Honestly, I don't think the chemistry between them is quite right and I don't think a morning show like this is the best fit for Ryan. I will still tune in for Kelly because as I like to think, she is a national treasure. For now, Ryan will have to do as co-host. I would be interested to see if there is any trend in the ratings either up of down due to this change.

What do you think of this choice to make Ryan Seacrest the new co-host of Live? Feel free to leave comments below.


  1. I personally enjoy Ryan for many reasons but the main one is that he doesn't let Kelly make all the comments about her or something that happened in her life. I think they have great chemistry.
    I really enjoyed Michael, I didn't like all the blame he received when it was announced he was leaving, there were executives, including Gilman, that must have know an should have stood up for him after Kelly made her feelings made quite clear. Good Luck Ryan, your an assent to the show.

  2. Very disappointing choice. Now that he is the co-host, I don't really care if I tune in or not. He does not add any energy to the show.

  3. I like them both, but I don't see any chemistry between them. It's just not as entertaining as it once was. I don't tune in anymore.

  4. No chemistry at all - Ryan looks at Kelly like she is an idiot and Kelly tries too hard to appear enthusiastic towards Ryan. She is drowning with Ryan! Throw her a lifeline and bring back one of her fan favorites for co-host. Ryan is a great guy and all his other projects work brilliantly for him, just not this one.

  5. No chemistry. Fred Savage was awesome as were others. It's boring with Ryan.