Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Universe is Huge

The universe is so big we can't even comprehend it's size. No one even knows for sure how big it is. When you see Earth in comparison to the estimated size of the universe, you realize how small and insignificant our entire planet is. This is weird considering how seriously we take everything. Little things in our community, country, and world seem so important to us. We are so focused on what is here in front of us. Our world is so big most people will never experience even a fraction of what it has to offer.

Imagine the possibilities out there. We have developed so much from culture to technology just on our little planet. If we have done all of this, there must be so much more out there. There must be planets and life like ours out there that we don't even know about. I think given the size of the universe, just about anything is possible. Anything dreamed up in the wildest science fiction stories can be possible in the universe.

It's a lot to think about. Who knows what we will learn over time with advancements in intelligence and technology.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blackberry Sucks

Just a public service announcement for anyone thinking about getting one. I have had the Bold 9700 for a few months now and it is nothing but trouble. I would say I am about 10% happy with it and 90% unhappy with it. It is so not user friendly. It is missing some of the most basic features you need and it has tons of features you don't need. Just a quick rant. Now off to try to fix my Blackberry voice mail that is not working.

Update: 4-23-12
I am more happy with Blackberry now.  Since then I have tried a Samsung Galaxy S2 which is one of the top touchscreen phones and also I have tried out an iPhone 4.  There are some advantages to these newer phones with the touch screens, but I do kind of miss the Blackberry.

Having all those buttons on the keyboard really help out, not just on texting, but also things like dialing and short cuts.  Also the actual phone usability is easier on a Blackberry than compared to touch screen phones.

One thing that was difficult on the BB is browsing the web.  With a small screen and just a track pad, it makes browsing very difficult.

I would like to try out the new Bold 9900 because it is similar to the 9700, but it also has a touch screen.  It's a shame that the company is not doing too well because they do make good phones. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

TV Show Quick Reviews and Updates

Quick review of NBC's new Thursday night comedy lineup:

Community - Never really got into this one. I don't watch it.

Perfect Couples - New show. Checked it out for a few minutes. Didn't like it.

Office - Good. I still recommend it. Not thrilled with Holly this season. Michael is leaving soon and the show will continue? Michael IS the office. It will be a sad day when he leaves.

Parks and Recreation - Eh, ok but not that good. Some of the characters are good like Amy and Aziz, but other not so much. Don't know why but I don't like Rashida Jones. I just feel like she is not a good actor and doesn't bring much to the show. Interesting fact: she is the daughter of Quincey Jones.

UPDATE: 7-2-11  Now Parks and Rec is one of my favorite shows.  Also, I like Rashida now.  I realize she was playing the straight character so that's why she was not that funny.  

30 Rock - Not Bad. Love the rapid fire jokes. Good writing, but I'm not a loyal viewer yet.

Outsourced - Really like this one. Original with funny lovable characters.


And now for some updates and comments on other shows:

Big Bang Theory - This season is ok, but I feel like it's not as funny as previous seasons.

Rules of Engagement - Love this one. Might be my favorite comedy on right now. Is anyone else watching this? I never hear any news or gossip about it.

Human Target - Another one of my favorites. Great characters and always entertaining. I hope this one is around for a while.

Wipeout - This one has been ok so far this season, but is not required viewing. I watch it in between commercial breaks.

American Idol - I think the format has gotten stale. I like the new judges but they need someone meaner to replace Simon. Steven and J Lo are too nice.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 11 Songs of 2010

Why 11? Because it was hard to narrow it down to 10, and hey, you get one bonus song with 11 so that's better! Rules of this list:

- Super popular songs will not be included even if they might be considered to be one of the top songs. If it was really popular, you have already heard it, so you don't need me to tell you.

- No artist repeats. Even if an artist has more than one good song, only one of them will appear on this list.

- All of these songs are recent, but it is possible some may have been released before the year 2010.

These are my top favorite song of the last year. Some of these I have talked about in this blog. Some are songs from Youtube videos or tv.

1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

2. Matisyahu - One Day

3. Fitz and the Tantrums - Pickin' Up the Pieces of Love

4. G-Eazy - Alone

5. Phantogram - Bloody Palms

6. DNC - Jungle Flames

7. Diddy Dirty Money ft. Skyler Grey - Coming Home

8. Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza (Static Revenger Remix)

9. Nice Peter - No Homo

10. Andy Samburg ft. Rihanna - Shy Ronnie and Clyde

11. Asher Roth - G.R.I.N.D.

If you liked these songs, please leave a comment!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Band to Check Out: Fitz and the Tantrums

I recently saw the New Years Eve special called Live From Daryl's House which is a series of shows that feature different bands and artists performing live in a jam session format.  I discovered a few new bands from watching and one of them is Fitz and the Tantrums.  They are a band with an oldies style sound.  I have said before that the oldies sound is something you don't hear anymore which is unfortunate, but every now and then a band gets it right.  This is one of those bands. 

Their lead singer has an amazing voice, even live, as you can hear by watching the live performances.  He just came out of nowhere it seems.  He has a the presence of someone who you would think would be very famous right from an early age. 

Pretty much all their songs are good.  I haven't heard anything from them I didn't like.  It's rare to hear a band for the 1st time and immediately like their songs.  Again, this is one of those bands. 

Here's is one of their singles called Moneygrabber.  It has a lot of energy and a catchy chorus.  If you like this, you will probably like all their songs.  Enjoy!

Do You Miss The 90's?

I was a teen growing up in the 90's and to me it was a great decade, especially for music.  I stumbled upon this promo video for a new show called Portlandia.  It is on IFC staring Fred Armisen.  Apparently the 90's lifestyle is still alive and well in Portland Oregon and this show will be focused around that theme.  From the previews I have seen it looks good.  Check out this promo/music video for the new show which starts January 21st: