Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad Lip Reading - Rebecca Black and Bieber

A new channel on Youtube called BadLipReading has uploaded some hilarious new videos with what could be a big new genre of parody videos. They took the popular video for the song "Friday" and re-dubbed it with new lyrics and subtitles. They did an excellent job and created an entirely new song that is just as catchy as the original. Check it out here:

They have one more made from a Bieber and Rascal Flatts song re-dubbed "Asian Baby" which I think is even funnier. The vocal parodies are spot on and hilarious. Check it out here:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

CathyMay15 - Youtube Star

CathyMay15 is the name of a Youtuber who made videos of herself singing along to various popular songs. Her videos became viral due to the fact that her singing was not very good. This of course drew lots of negative comments and in turn she deleted her channel before many people even heard of her.

In case you are wondering what she is up to now, she has new Youtube channel CathyMay20 where she still sings and does covers of popular songs. Check it out and give here some support!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rebecca Black - The New Pop Sensation

Chances are you have heard the new song or seen the music video "Friday" from a new singer named Rebecca Black. The video went viral because it is as some say, "so bad it is good". I stumbled upon this video and here was my reaction:

At first I just thought, "oh great, another manufactured pop song that's going to be all over the radio". I kept listening and soon realized how bad the song was in terms of lyrics, singing, and production. Then I thought it must be a joke or a parody because it was so bad. But the thing is, it's not a parody! It's real!

Of course I had to do some research on all of this and here's what I found:

She is one of many girls who has worked with a company called Ark Music Factory. Basically they cater to young girls who want to be the next pop star. For a fee, they will make the girl a song and a video and put it out on the internet. Judging by their video releases, they are not picky when it comes to talent.

So this company makes this awful song for Rebecca like they have done for many girls, only this time something happened. It went viral and now has over 13 million views on Youtube. It is also charting on iTunes and being played on the radio.

Now there is nothing wrong with Ark running a business of making songs and videos for girls, but by intentionally making them bad, that's just taking advantage of them. They knew the song was bad when they made it, but they still took the money. They never expected it to get popular, but it did.

Rebecca Black will of course get a lot of hate for the song and video, but it's not her fault. She is just a girl with a dream that came true. If anyone is to be hated on, it's the company that created the content for her.

Because of this, I support her and I hope she has continued success!