Sunday, October 31, 2010

Talented Lesser Known Female Singers

With ladies like Gaga and Katy Perry getting so much attention these days, I thought I would share a few songs by women who are excellent singers, but not that famous. 

The first one is Meredith Godreau under her band name Gregory and the Hawk.  Meredith has one of the most beautiful voices in the world in my opinion.  She has a new album coming out soon called Leche, and this is one of the songs from it called For the Best:

Next up is Khaela Maricich who makes music under the name The Blow.  She has not released a new album recently, but I hear she has some new songs and plans to have a new release next year.  Here is one called True Affection:

The last recommendation is a girl that goes by the name Soko.  It is kind of hard to follow her progress online in terms of new music, but here is the one that put her on the map.  It is an emotional song called I'll Kill her:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AT&T DSL and Customer Service

Recently I decided to switch from Comcast broadband internet to AT&T DSL internet because Comcast kept raising my rates.  All I wanted was the basic internet and the cheapest they will give it for is like $43 per month.  AT&T was offering a promotional rate of $14.95 per month for a year, so I thought I would try it out.

I had a very hard time signing up for it.  First, they did not have my address in the system.  They even have the name of my town misspelled in the system, and it is not even a small town or anything.  So I manage to sign up after having to call them up and cancel the 1st order which went through under a different address.

I set it up with my own DSL modem.  Set up was ok, but not without problems.  It took about an hour to get it working. Signing up online is not easy at all.  I still can't even access my bill online.  In fact I just got an order summary saying that my price is the regular price without the promotion.  I call up AT&T, go through all the annoying automated messages and wait on hold listening to even more annoying background noise.  When I get through the guy says that they bill the regular price and then give you credit a few months later.  What?  Why not just bill how much it is?

Oh yeah, and I have to have them send out a confirmation mail through regular mail just to sign up online to view my bill.  So far I am very disappointing with their customer service. 

As for the speed of the DSL, it is actually pretty good.  The download speed is faster than I was getting with Comcast.  The upload and ping time is a little slower, but not by much.  Overall there is not much difference and I have been able to use the internet and even stream videos without any problem.  A couple times it stopped working, but a restart and reboot fixed it.

Also, about the bill, online they said there is no commitment at the promo price, but over the phone they guy says that you need to keep it for a year if you want that price.  The AT&T reps don't seem to know what is going on.  Which reminds me of how at first, they couldn't find my address in the system and ultimately told me they did not service my location.  The only way I got it is when I called them up to cancel the order and they managed to look it up when I told them the reason.

Anyway, the internet works and as long as we get this billing situation figured out I will be satisfied.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad People

I am so tired of the bad people in this world.  What do I mean by bad people?  People who are disrespectful.  People who think they don't have to follow the rules.  People who ruin life for all the good people that have to be exposed to them on a daily basis.

I encounter these kinds of people everyday.  It usually happens at work, and since it is a school, it is usually the students.  It is amazing how many bad kids there are and how often they do things that are wrong or inappropriate.  I happen to work at a good high school so this is troubling when there are so many bad kids in a school that is supposed to be one of the good ones.  If this is true, I can imagine the kind of trouble that goes on in the not so good schools.  This is really disturbing especially when you realize that this is the future of our society.

A couple things I say sometimes are "I cry for society" and "Society makes me sad".   This is because the world is not as good as it could be because of the people who bring it down. 

Now of course there are still good people and those will hopefully keep society civilized and tolerable.  It's a shame that the good people have to suffer as a result of all the bad people.  Where is the justice?

One of my mottoes is "Good things happen to good people", and "Bad things happen to bad people".  Basically the idea of Karma.  I really hope this is true.  Good people should be rewarded and bad people should be punished.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like that happens, but hopefully in the end it will somehow either in this life or beyond.  

If I could be anything at all, I would be a superhero with unlimited power and abilities.  I would use my powers to bring justice to the world and make it a better place.

Imagine a world of Utopia where everything is perfect, everyone is happy, there is no stress, or pain, or things that go wrong.  How nice would that be?  It will never happen, but it is a nice idea.  Still the world can be better. The good must persevere and hopefully have an influence on others to become good as well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Customer Service: Jewel Osco/Albertsons

I recently bought some floss at my local Jewel but when I opened it, the roll of floss was missing.  They had contact information on the back in case you are not satisfied with the product, so I sent them an email explaining the situation.  They responded quickly and sent me a coupon to cover the cost.  They also sent me 2 replacement flosses for my troubles.  This is a perfect example of good customer service.  They went above and beyond to correct the problem.  I will continue to be a loyal customer to Jewel for my weekly groceries!