Monday, February 15, 2016

Second Chance on Fox Review

Recently I started watching a new show called Second Chance. It is about an elderly police chief, Jimmy Prichard who was murdered, but is brought back to life in a much younger and stronger version of himself with the help of a new technology created by a company called Lookinglass. The company was started by a reclusive prodigy Otto and his twin sister Mary. They chose this police chief as their first test subject because he had the right genetics that may help cure cancer which Mary is suffering from.

Now in his younger form, Pritchard has a "second chance" at life where he gets involved in helping his son who is now in the FBI. He is the type who does not really follow the rules so of course he gets himself into trouble here and there even when he is trying to go the right thing. The show has a bit of a futuristic sci-fi feel as the technologies from Lookinglass are very advanced not to mention the scientific ability to bring people back to life.

So far I have watched the first 5 episodes and overall it is very entertaining! The casting and acting is good and the sci-fi element is always fun to see what they come up with. I plan to continue watching this series each week to see how it progresses. If you are looking for a new action/drama show to check out, I highly recommend Second Chance.

You can watch the full episodes that have aired now on and catch new episodes on Fridays at 9/8 central on Fox.

Update: 3-26-16: Just watched the season finale of Second Chance and it was great! It looks like they had the option of ending it at 1 season or leaving it with a cliff hanger for a 2nd season, and it was a cliff hanger so hopefully they will have another season! It is a good show and there is a lot of potential for a new season!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chipotle Free Burrito

It's not often that there are coupons or discounts available for Chipotle restaurant, but this week they had a promotion to get a free burrito, bowl, salad or tacos. On Monday, Chipotle stores closed for a company wide meeting on food safety. In association with this event, they offered a Raincheck promotion to customers by sending a text to them for the free burrito.

I found out about it from a friend and was lucky enough to get the text in before the cutoff time. They replied today with the coupon for a free burrito! It is pretty impressive that Chipotle has offered such a generous promotion to the customers especially considering how rare it is to get coupons from this restaurant.

Chipotle has been one of my favorite fast casual restaurants since I discovered it years ago. In fact I even wrote a blog article about the time I contacted them about a location for opening up a new store and they actually followed though with the suggestion!

So today for lunch, I went today to pick up the free burrito. It was very busy as expected. I could tell at checkout, many people had this coupon for the free meal. This video from comedian Sebastian Mansicalco came to mind as I was waiting in line.

Overall the service was friendly and the food was delicious as always! I don't go to Chipotle as much as I would like because their prices are a bit high, but promotions like this are inspiring to visit there more often! Thanks Chipotle!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Monopoly Collect and Win Game Rare Pieces

UPDATE: Link for 2017 Monopoly Collect and Win Game
The Monopoly Collect and Win Game is back again for 2016. Here we will be keeping track of the rare pieces needed to win the prizes. Participating stores include: Albertsons, Safeway, Jewel Osco, Acme Markets, Shaws, Star Markets, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Eagle, Pak n Save, Tom Thumb, Market Street, Amigos, and more. Game boards and pieces are given at each store for participating items.

Each prize from the Collect & Win Game has at least 1 rare piece. Some have a rare and a semi-rare piece needed to win. For complete rules, odds of winning, and winners list, check out the official Playmonopoly website.

Rare Game Marker List:

$613C*, $618H
?622D*, ?625G
A502C, A504E*
B505A*, B506B
C513D, C514E*
D515A, D517C*
E524D*, E525E
F527B*, F528C

* = Semi-rare based on findings.

Feel free to use the comments section below to post which game pieces you have and which ones you need as we develop the list here.

Tips for using the comments:
- New comments will be reviewed and moderated before they show up here to ensure quality.
- Avoid re-posting the same comment twice. It may take up to 12 hours for comments to be approved.
- You can search the comments by using ctrl+F on PC and command+F on Mac.
- Please do not ask for rare pieces. If someone finds a rare piece they are likely to win that prize.
- If you claim to have a rare piece, please provide proof with a link to a picture of the piece.  
- Once there are a lot of comments, it will say "Load more" at the bottom to show more comments.
- Older comments will be removed over time to keep things fresh.
- Comments are moderated but use discretion as anyone can post in the comments.

The Monopoly game runs from February 3rd to May 3rd 2016. The last day to claim prizes is May 25th 2016. Good luck!

Signs of Mice - How to Stop Them From Getting in the House

Recently I was in the kitchen and noticed a couple of what looked like lint or crumbs on the ground. Upon more careful inspection, I had a feeling they were droppings left there from some small animal like a mouse. A quick search on the internet confirmed my suspicions that it was indeed from an mouse.This was surprising because I have lived in the same place for years and this was the first time there has been any evidence of mice.

So I cleaned up the floor and went in search of where they may be getting in. Apparently they can squeeze in through small holes and cracks that appear to be too small for them to get through. I noticed the droppings were near the stove so I thought they might be getting in from around this area.

I slowly pulled the stove out away from the wall and saw that the baseboard section was unfinished so there was space open between the floor and the wall where they may have gotten in. I had some spackle on hand so I sealed up all the openings along the base board. I also checked around the cabinets and taped up any other openings that might allow mice or bugs to get in.

So far it has been a few days and it looks like the problem has been fixed! There has been no further evidence of mice so it looks like they were getting in from behind the stove where there was the opening at the base board.

If you have found what look like little black crumbs the size of a grain of rice, chances are you may have mice. If this is the case, make sure to check all around for any openings around the walls and seal up any holes where they may be getting in. I will update this post in case there is any evidence of a return.

Update: 6-23-19
Sealing up the cracks behind the stove and around the cabinets seems to have worked because since then I have not found any more evidence of mice

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Remembering Dave Mirra

I was sad to hear the news about the passing of BMX legend Dave Mirra. Growing up, I was really into bikes and freestyle around the time he was winning gold medals in the X Games and he was one of my favorite riders. He always seemed like a great guy. I even got his signature shoes which I wrote about a while back on this blog.
I wish all the best for his family and friends during this difficult time. His legacy in the BMX world will be remembered and he will be missed!