Saturday, October 11, 2014

Best Youtube Channels of 2014

Here again is one of our favorite annual posts, the Best Youtube Channels of the year.  This year, all Youtube channels were eligible for the list even if they have been featured in previous year's 10 Best list.  Most of the channels on this list are funny so you may also consider this list the Funniest Youtube Channels of 2014.  Here are Connected Isolation's picks for 10 Best Youtube Channels of 2014:

1. BFvsGF
Jesse and Jeana from BFvsGF may be best known for their prank channel Prank vs Prank, but their BFvsGF channel here is just as good and they post new videos every day.  It follows their everyday life and the fun things they do each day.  You might think that sounds kind of boring, but these guys are a lot of fun to watch and they do a lot of interesting things like go on trips and play little pranks on each other.  In this video they do a challenge that involves duct taping each other to a chair and trying to get out.  Needless to say, with these two,  things do not go as planned.

2. Mediocre Films
Greg Benson from Mediocre films is one of the pioneers in making funny videos.  He does everything from interviewing people at conventions to social experiments to original pranks.  In this video, he and fellow prankster Jack Vale come up with one of the silliest but surprisingly funny ideas of stealing dog poop from strangers.

3. Bad Lip Reading
Bad Lip Reading is a channel that does funny voice overs for different things like tv shows, sports clips, and music videos.  They also make original songs based on the voice overs.  The videos are very funny and the music is as good as anything you will hear on the radio today.  In this one they do lip reading for the show The Walking Dead and finish it up with an original song.

4. Melissa Villasenor
Melissa Villasenor is known for her impressions, stand up comedy, singing, and original sketch comedy videos.  She puts her skills to good use here in a new series of her own show, the Melissa Villasenor Show.  In this episode she talks with "Zooey Deschanel" while "Iggy Izalea" closes the show with a performance.

5. Badge of Shame
Joe from Badge of Shame is best known for interviewing people at various events and countries.  The interviews generally involve jokes and making people feel awkward which is very fun to watch.  In this one he interviews a girl at a convention as part of his Joe Dates series. 

6. Jack Vale
Another veteran Youtube prankster, Jack Vale is still up there with the best of them.  He has a lot of original prank series and funny videos on his channel.  In this one he walks around a store pretending to be on the phone and makes people paranoid as he mentions things about them as they pass by.

7. Ed Bassmaster
Multi-talented Ed Bassmaster is known for his characters and public pranks.  He is another veteran Youtuber with tons of great videos over the years.  In this one, he first tries to sell some guys some stolen merchandise and then comes back as an investigator looking for the theif.
8. Whatever
Whatever is another social experiment channel where they create funny situations and see how people react in public.  Usually the videos feature Brian or Andrea, both of whom are great but in this one, they get the help of a kid to see how smokers react when a kid asks them for a cigarette light.

9. Flula
Flula is another multi-talented Youtuber who is known for his song covers, random funny videos, and commentary on English phrases.  He is from Germany so his take on everything in the US is always a little different.  In this one, he an fellow Youtuber Miranda Sings do a live cover of the song "Good Vibrations".

10. Whitney Rice
Whitney Rice is known for her characters, sketch comedy videos, recaps of pop culture, and even stand up comedy.  She is definitely one of the up and coming Youtubers to keep an eye on this year.  In this video from her Pajama Talks series she gives us her take on some of the news in pop culture while trying not to expose the camera to anything inappropriate.

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