Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yahoo Answers Unfair Practice: Account Suspension

Yahoo Answers is one of the biggest question and answers communities out there which makes it a valuable resource, but unfortunately they seem to have some kind of bias when it comes to which users they allow to post certain content.

I use Yahoo Answers as a promotional tool for a product I help sell with affiliate links.  This may go against Yahoo's policy about posting links to external commercial websites, I won't deny that, however my answers are helpful and are relevant to the asker even if they contain commercial links.  Many times people ask about which product to buy online.  In cases like these, providing a link to an online store is helpful, yet Yahoo will still find your account in violation for something like this.

Ok, you may ask, if I admit that posting commercial links, why is it unfair that they banned my account?  For the simple fact that other users on Yahoo Answers have posted the exact same links repeatedly and have not had their accounts suspended.  I have reported similar posts to see what happens.  I have written emails to Yahoo asking why my account has been suspended while others are still active.  Yahoo ironically, has never given me an answer.  They just tell me to report answers that are in violation, which I have already done and it had no effect.

So how about it Yahoo?  Why do you favor some users over others?  You ban some people but you let others remain active who post the exact same kinds of answers with commercial links.

And you can register again after they suspend your account, it is just an annoyance.  Suspending accounts will not stop people from re-registering. 

Yahoo services continue to go downhill.  If you have had your account suspended in a similar fashion, leave a reply below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eden Wood - Cutie Patootie

I found this video of a beauty pageant girl named Eden Wood performing a rap song on the show The Talk.  Her lyrics are a bit hard to understand so the author of this video made some amusing subtitles for it.  This is viral material and it doesn't even have a lot of views yet.  The expressions on Sharon Osbourne and Leah Remini's faces are priceless.  The lyrics are hilarious and the song is catchy.  Hope there is a studio recording soon!  Enjoy!

Looks like the original video was made private.  Here is the studio version of the song

Friday, December 10, 2010

Good News About AT&T DSL Service

In previous entries I have expressed dissatisfaction about how AT&T charged me the full price up front for my new dsl service when it had advertised a promotional rate.  I was later informed that this is just how the system works and that I would be given credit for paying the full price in the following months, to bring it back down to the promotional price.

I was skeptical about this but I waited to see what happened.  Sure enough, I got my statement this month for $0, plus it shows a credit for the remaining balance that was over paid on the first month.  So it looks like they will be honoring the promotional price after all.  Thank you AT&T for making this right!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

People Who Listen to Music too Loud

If you are listening to a song with headphones and I can recognize what song it is from across the room, guess what?  Your music is too loud.  Why do people blast music so loud?  Its been proven that being exposed to loud noise for an extended period of time causes hearing loss.  Maybe these people don't know or they don't care.  For someone listening to music, you would think they wouldn't want to lose their hearing.

If I'm driving in the car with my windows up and so are you and I can hear your music clearly, it's too loud.  There have been so many time where someone pulls up next to me at a light blasting some offensive music.  Are you serious?  There could be young kids around.  We don't want to hear that.  Have some common courtesy. People should have the right to silence and not be forced to hear someone else's music that is too loud.

On a related topic, there is the issue of playing music in the background while doing some other activity or work.  Some people like to do this and even claim it helps them focus.  For me, when I listen to music, I listen to it.  What I mean is I focus on it and pay attention to it, listening to everything about it.  This may be a habit I developed from years of music production or just from listening to a lot of different music over the years.

Either way, I think music deserves respect enough to have the listener's full attention.  Someone put a lot of work into the song you are listening to.  I think it often goes unappreciated.