Saturday, April 6, 2024

New Show Recommendation - Building Outside the Lines

 I just finished watching the show "Building Outside the Lines" and it was so good I wanted to share it here as a recommendation. The show features a father/daughter duo who are asked to make a creative build for a client each episode. 

The dad Cappie has a great personality and a lot of enthusiasm. Alex the daughter compliments him very well and contributes a lot of ideas and creativity to the builds. 

The show takes place in South Dakota which makes for a beautiful setting. The show is shot and edited very nicely which makes it a pleasure to watch. 

Each show starts with a local client who has a basic idea of what they want, but they leave it up to Cappie, Alex, and their team to put their own spin on it and come up with a completed design. The building process is featured throughout the episode and at the end the finished project is presented to the client.

Overall it is a wonderful show and I highly recommend it. The first season had 8 episodes, but I really hope they decide to make more! You can watch it now on streaming networks such as Max Discovery Plus.