Saturday, October 15, 2016

What to do if you are bored?

Every once in a while you may find you have nothing to do or just do not feel very motivated to do anything. In case you find yourself in this situation, one thing you can do is clean! This may not seem very fun but if you are bored and have nothing else to do, there is really no excuse not to do it.

Cleaning your room, your house, or your environment is a productive activity and you will feel good once you have accomplished this task. Many people do not want to clean because they feel like they have better things to do, so when you are bored, it is the perfect time to clean.

Even if you feel like your house is already clean, there is always more to do. For example cleaning or dusting areas that are hard to get to such as under a refrigerator or on top of base boards. Maybe cleaning out a closet or going through some old papers you probably do not need anymore. There is always work to be done if you think about it and look for it.

Another thing you can do if you are bored is exercise! This is another productive activity that will make you feel good after you have completed it. Working out is another thing that is easy to put off due to lack of time or effort, but if you are bored, it is a great time to work out. It doesn't have to be anything big like going to a gym. It can be simple exercises around the house such as push ups, squats, sit ups etc.

One more idea for something to do when you are bored is back up your computer! This is something important that people either never do, or do not do enough until it is too late. One of my sayings is "No one thinks their computer is going to crash today, but someone's is."  Make sure to back up your important files from your computer either on an external hard drive, or a cloud service so you will always have it in case anything happens. 

Next time you are bored or feel like there is nothing to do, keep these activities in mind for something productive that can be done any time!

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