Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Favorite Movies of All Time

Over the years I have seen a good amount of movies and so I decided to make a list of all my favorites. Then I reviewed the list and narrowed it down to my top 5 movies off all time. These are movies you can watch over and over and they are always good and hold up over time. Of course everyone's opinions are different but if I had to recommend the best movies to watch it would be these here:

1. Little Miss Sunshine
This is a movie about a dysfunctional family trying to drive across the country so that the young daughter can compete in a beauty pageant. The acting is great, as is the relationship between the characters. It's one of those movies that has a good mix of heart felt drama mixed with unexpected comedy. It's a feel good movie that I think everyone will enjoy!

2. Point Break (1991)
This one is about a couple law enforcement agents trying to track down a group of serial bank robbers who they believe to be part of a local surf gang. The main character goes undercover as a surfer and tries to infiltrate their group. The movie has a lot of action and suspense as they try to catch these guys who have gotten away with so many robberies. 

3. Back To The Future (1,2 and 3)
I would guess most people know of this movie series and have probably seen it, but if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? You have some amazing movies to see! For those who haven't seen it, its a time travel movie where a guy goes to different times and his actions may have a big effect on what happens in the present day timeline. It's a classic for good reason. 

4. Leon The Professional
This one does have some controversy due to some of the themes in the movie especially in the extended cut, but regardless, I would consider it one of the best movies. It is about a hitman who reluctantly takes in a young girl after she loses her family. The girl wants to work with him and train to be like him so she can get revenge on those who killed her brother. Its an exciting film with a lot of action and some very memorable acting. 

5. Dumb and Dumber
Rounding out the list is my favorite comedy of all time Dumb and Dumber. Its a funny movie that still holds up after all these years. You can watch it many times and keep finding new jokes you might have missed the first time. The premise is a couple of guys who are trying to return an important briefcase to a woman who left it at an airport. The movie follows everything that happens along the way as they try to return the case. 

Hopefully you will enjoy these movies as much as I have. Feel free to comment below about these movies or others that may be on your list.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Twitter Declining Over The Years

Twitter seems to be continuously getting worse over the years. It used to be you could follow people you were interested in and see the tweets they wrote. Now it seems like most of the content in the feed is either advertisements or content you don't want.

Instead of seeing actual tweets, the feed is flooded with things like “so and so follows...”, or “so and so liked...” I followed these people to see what they are tweeting, not to see what tweets they liked and which people they follow.

Also they are now just throwing in random tweets from random categories. This is essentially junk mail in Twitter form. I know they are just trying to get you to follow more accounts, but at very least this kind of feature should have the option to be turned off.

I go into the settings and they have sections for “Topics” and “Interests”. They sign you up for these categories supposedly based on your activity, but I have found tons of “topics” and “interests” in there that I have no interest in nor have I even heard of them.

And they don't make it easy to get rid of this stuff. In the feed you can manually delete each one, one by one. In the settings you can go through and manually try to delete the things you are not interested in but all of this is very time consuming and annoying to do especially when we never signed up for these things to begin with.

I have an account just to follow the people who are interesting, but at this rate, I find myself wanting to check the feed less and less. I would not be surprised if other people feel the same way and are starting to leave the platform as well. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on this issue. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Have a Human Experience

I was watching the latest Dave Chappelle stand up special “The Closer” and as a fan of his work I enjoyed the special as expected. There was a part of towards the end which I found to be particularly profound. Dave was talking about a conversation he was having at a show one night with a transgender friend of his named Daphne Dorman. He mentioned about how he didn't understand her and what she said was very moving. She said “I don't need you to understand me. I just need you to believe that I'm having a human experience.”

It is a pretty powerful statement and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to apply to life in general. It can apply to some of the deepest questions such as what is the purpose of life, and why are we here? The answer could be simply, to have a human experience.

We are all here on this planet and we have been given the opportunity to live a lifetime here as a human and experience it however we want. Sure, we are all born into different environments and circumstances to begin with, but ultimately it is up to us how we want to live out lives. We choose what we want to do, where we want to go, how we want to behave, how we want to spend our time, who we want to associate with etc.

Everyone is different and gets to make their own decisions about how they want to live their life. This can help understand people who are different. You might see someone do something or act a certain way and not understand it or not see why they would do that. The same person may see you do something or act a certain way that is different from them and wonder the same thing about you.

It's great to be able to understand people, but its not always necessary when you realize that we are all just living our lives and having a human experience. We are all at different points in our lives and have had different experiences up to this point that have shaped who we are. We have this wonderful opportunity to have this experience so be sure to make the most of it!

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Best Youtube Channels of 2021

Its time to announce the best Youtube channels of 2021. This year we have 5 new channels to recommend which have not been featured before in any previous years as well as a couple more channels that have been featured before but they did such a great job this year that they deserve a spot on this list as well. Here are our top picks for the best Youtube channels of the year:

1. Trash Tuesday (Podcast)

Formerly known as Bloodbath, Trash Tuesday is a weekly podcast featuring comedian Annie Lederman, actress/comedian Esther Povitsky, and podcaster Khalyla Kuhn. It is funny and entertaining and the topics are different each week. It is well produced and seems to be growing in popularity as more people discover it. If you enjoy real talk and edgy comedy be sure to check this one out. 

2. Katie Carney (Vlog)

Katie Carney is a vlogger who is known for her videos about what it is like to live in a car. She travels around the country and vlogs about the places she visits and also makes videos about how to live in a car. She has a very friendly upbeat personality and it is fun to see what she is up to each week. Here is a video where she and her friend visit an unusual attraction in New York. 

3. Cart Narcs (Real Interactions)

Cart Narcs is a channel is a channel run by "Agent" Sebastian who makes it his mission to tackle the problem of people not returning shopping carts. He patrols various grocery store parking lots and confronts people who leave their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot. He films the interactions as he tries to get them to return their cart. Sometimes they comply but most of the time it escalates into a confrontation.

4. Trilogy Media (Scam Investigations)

The guys at Trilogy Media have a goal of tracking down scammers who try to steal money from people on the internet. They follow up on leads and use investigative skills to find the people who are responsible for running and enabling these scams. Often they will travel across the country to confront the scammers and expose what they are doing.

5. Sarah -n- Tuned (Cars)

Sarah from the Sarah -n- Tuned channel makes car related videos that range from working on project cars to reviewing new cars. She is very knowledgeable about cars and does a great job with reviews. She is also very funny and incorporates humor into her videos. In a sea of car review channels, this one stands out as one you should check out if you are into cars.

6. Gas Station Encounters (Surveillance Commentary)

We have featured Gas Station Encounters before but they did a great job this year providing lots of entertaining videos so they definitely deserve a spot on the list. This channel features surveillance video of people trying to steal from gas stations while comedic commentary is added. Usually the thieves are caught and confronted just when they think they are about to get away. The videos are well produced and even feature original songs from time to time.

7. Vlog Creations (Funny / Pranks)

Ross and his friends from Vlog Creations also earned a spot on the list again because of their amazing work this year. No other channel is more consistent than these guys in putting out reliable entertainment every week. They continue to come up with funny creative ideas for videos. You can tell they are having a great time and that feeling comes through in the videos. 

Hope you enjoyed this years picks for the best Youtube channels of 2021! Feel free to comment below on your favorite channels of the year. 

Also check out last years list: Best Youtube Channels of 2020.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Reddit allowing the promotion of illegal activity on their site

I've been a fan of Reddit for a long time and it is one of my favorite websites. It's great for connecting with people about topics that interest you. I also find it one of the best places to get authentic advice from real people vs getting bombarded with spammy websites.

Having said all that, recently I discovered a subreddit that was all about illegal activity. As someone who respects rules and laws of society, I found it appalling how many posts and subscribers there were to this subreddit. I will not mention the sub's name because I don't want to promote it, but it has several hundred thousand followers.

I know Reddit does have some rules about what kind of content is not allowed. You see what kind of content is prohibited here:

The closest thing they have in regards to illegal activity is number 7 that says: “Keep it legal, and avoid posting illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions.”

This sounds like anything illegal would be against policy, but apparently it is more about transactions rather than posting about illegal information. I tried reporting a few posts that were clearly promoting illegal activity and I got responses back from Reddit saying that the posts did not violate their policy.

Reddit also does not make it easy to report communities that are like this. You cannot directly report a community no matter how harmful it is. You have to report individual posts and hope they take some action against the community when they start seeing these reports. You can also contact Reddit here:  which I tried as well and so far no action has been taken.

I still like Reddit in general, but they really need to take more responsibility in putting a stop to content and communities like this. I know people will say they don't want censorship and that it might be subjective as to what is appropriate and what is not, but for communities that are blatantly disregarding laws and are actively encouraging illegal behavior, they need to be shut down.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Cart Narcs - Addressing the issue of people not returning shopping carts


One of the common themes on this blog is articles about people who do not follow the rules of society. It's one of my pet peeves when people just do whatever they want without any consideration of other people. An example of this is when people take shopping carts and then just leave them in the middle of a parking lot instead of returning them to the cart corral.

Returning a cart is very simple yet many people are lazy and can't be bothered to do this. As a result, their cart ends up blocking parking spaces, rolling around and hitting other cars, and causing additional work for the cart attendants.

Recently I found a channel called Cart Narcs which addresses this very issue. The guy from this channel goes around looking for examples of people not returning their carts and then he confronts them about it. He has a uniform as well as a body camera to record the situations. As you might imagine, they tend to be very entertaining!

Typically he waves down the offender and lets them know they left their cart in the lot and reminds them of the nearest cart corral. Most of the time people try to come up with an excuse such as “They pay people for that” or “Everyone else is doing it.”  Sometimes they just flat out say they don't care.

One some occasions, they admit they were wrong and begrudgingly get out of their car and return their cart. These are great interactions when someone gets that little reminder and they decide to do what they should have done in the first place.

For the other people who refuse to return their carts, it usually escalates into a confrontation with them swearing and getting all riled up. The Cart Narcs guy can be pretty persistent and does not give up until they return their cart or angrily speed away. He even puts magnetic bumper stickers on their car that lets people know they do not return their cart.

While putting things on their car might be going over the line a bit, I appreciate the work this guy is doing by promoting common decency when it comes to returning shopping carts. One thing is for sure, after an interaction with this guy, these people will never look at a shopping cart the same way again.

The channel seems to be pretty popular so hopefully it spreads the word and encourages more people to return their shopping cart when they are done with it. We need more people like this taking the initiative to help make the world a better place!

Friday, September 3, 2021

People who put signs and advertisements on utility poles, lights, and posts

Recently I have been noticing a lot of advertisement signs being posted around the community illegally. Usually they are attached to electrical poles, or even zip-tied to street lights or signs. Sometimes they are stuck in the ground and sometimes they are even stickers that are stuck onto signs and poles. These advertisements are usually promoting some business or service and they give a phone number to call.

I am a stickler for rules so it bothers me when I see these kinds of signs randomly posted in places where they are not allowed. Most communities have an ordinance prohibiting the attachment of signs to these fixtures. These signs create clutter and distraction along side of the road and when they fall off, they become large pieces of litter.

There are fines that can be issued for posting signs like this, but I have a feeling either the fine is too low, or the ordinance is not being enforced as much as it could. Most signs and ads like these usually have contact information so it should not be too hard to track down the owner who is responsible.

If we want to keep the communities clean of unsolicited advertisements, we need to make sure these rules are enforced. If you have noticed a lot of these signs popping up in your area, I recommend start reporting their location to the village or city so they can be taken down and the parties responsible can be held accountable for their actions.