Sunday, December 31, 2023

Music Picks - Best Artists and Songs for 2023 and Previous Years

From 2010 - 2018 each year I posted a list of my favorite songs of the year. Then I took a break from this series. Now after 5 years, I have a new list of artists and songs to recommend so I figured I would post them here on the blog to share. 

This list contains music released in 2023 as well as some from previous years. It is mostly songs that are not super popular, at least not yet at the time of this posting. Here are my picks for the best songs from 2023 and previous years:

1. CARR - Industry Kids

I just randomly discovered CARR after a quick search for new music on Spotify. I would describe her sound as similar to artists like Avril Lavigne, Jax, and Damone. Her music reminds me of the indie rock scene of the early 2000's. She has put out a few albums of the past few years. I listened to all of them and all the songs are good! What's interesting is it seems she has not blown up yet. I could see an artist like this easily having millions of views and followers but so far she seems to be flying under the radar. Other songs to check out also: Sick Bro, Spiral City.


2. Jax - Victoria's Secret

Jax is a singer songwriter that recently caught my attention with her anthem Victoria's Secret. She has distinctive singing voice and a knack for catchy tunes that stand out from the other pop songs. Power chords and a meaningful message make this song a hit. Also check out other songs from Jax including Cinderella Snapped and 90s Kids

3. Bo Burnham - From God's Perspective 
Bo is known for his comedy specials which include a number of original songs which are very good even on their own. My favorite would have to be From God's Perspective which is an equally funny yet deep song about God's thoughts on humanity. Wonderfully composed, written, and performed. Also check out songs: Straight White Man and Can't Handle This
4. Gary Portnoy - Temporary
Gary Portnoy is most known for making making one of the greatest theme songs of all time, the theme song to Cheers, but he also has released plenty of his own music such as this song called Temporary. It's an autobiographical song about his childhood friend which leads to a revelation about life itself. Also check out the songs Lee and Life on the Outside

5. Carly Rae Jepsen - Comeback
Carly has a lot of pop hits and one of my recent favorites is the song Comeback. In collaboration with producer Jack Antonoff from The Bleachers, they have made a wonderful song here with haunting synths and soundscapes. 
6. Alanis Morissette - Losing the Plot
Alanis is an unmistakable iconic singer songwriter and she continues her path with Losing the Plot. It is a mix of dark yet optimistic composition and melody with original arrangements. An anthem for anyone overwhelmed or lost, it resonates with raw honesty and emotional power.

7. Natalie Imbruglia - On My Way
On My Way is a punchy, defiant anthem of self-discovery and liberation. It's a vibrant mix of pop and rock filled with energy and attitude. Lyrically it is about casting off past burdens and embracing new beginning. The song portrays a feeling of empowerment and possibility.
 8. Julia Michaels - Work Too Much

Work Too Much is a melancholic pop ballad about the struggles of someone who is overworked and exhausted. It feautures a gentle piano melody and breathy vocals, setting the tone for a song that is both introspective and relatable. The song's catchy melody and powerful lyrics make it a standout track.

9. M.I.A. - Keep the Peace
Keep the Peace by M.I.A. is a pulsating, genre-bending anthem that blends elements of grime, electronic, and pop music. The song is driven by a frenetic beat and M.I.A.'s signature rap-singing style, which weaves through layers of distorted synths and infectious vocal hooks.
10. Bob Ricci - It Could Happen U2 (Stuck in your zipper and you can't get out of it) (U2 Stuck in a Moment parody)
This is an older song but it's very well done and not well known so I wanted to feature it here. It's a parody of the U2 song Stuck in a Moment, but the lyrics are changed to "Stuck in your Zipper" ultimately leading to a very funny song. The original is a great song and I actually like this version even better! 

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