Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amazon customer service rocks!

So I recently ordered a tv from When it arrived, the box and packaging was damaged. I was expecting this because the tracking information had noted this a few days prior. So as direct by a customer service email, I had them take it back and set up a replacement exchange. I was told it would take about 7 days for shipping which I was ok with. The next day I get a call from the management at my building saying there was a tv waiting for me. I was really confused because there was no way it could be there that fast. Then I thought, probably the delivery guys left it in the office and I had to return it myself. I also thought this was the case because I got an email from Amazon with a return shipping label. Just to make sure I logged into Amazon and checked the tracking of the new tv. And guess what? It said it was delivered already! I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today! Wow that was fast. Amazon is the best!

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