Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny Voice-Over/Overdub Videos

I'm a fan of voice over videos where someone records new content over the original video often resulting in hilariousness. I will post a few of my favorites here.

The 1st one is a scene from the movie 300. It is done by user RyGeor on Youtube. He has done a few voiceovers and some other great videos like trailer parodies. He has some serious talent. The voices of the different characters are great. Check it out: (embedding disabled so you will have to check it out on Youtube)

The next one is a parody of a movie about Hitler. I'm not even sure what movie it is, but this one scene has been overdubbed with subtitles over 50 times on different topics. This is one of my favorites where he learns about the death of Michael Jackson.

Last one is a classic. An older one, but one of my all time favorites. It's "The Juggernaut Bitch" by My Way Entertainment. In this one, the guys overdub one of my favorite childhood cartoons, "X-Men".

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