Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reggae Style Music Recommendations

In this post I will recommend some songs that are not necessarily reggae style, but they all come from bands who have a little bit of reggae influence. And yes I meant to spell style with 2 e's in the title.

The 1st song is Fred Astaire by Lucky Boys Confusion. LBC is a band from Chicago that had moderate success but never really made it big. It's a shame because they really deserved it. They have tons of great songs and are probably one of y favorite bands. Today they still play shows occasionally, but each of the members is kind of doing their own thing with side projects. Check out this live performance of one of their hit songs:

Next up is a legendary band, another one of my all time favorites, Sublime. These guys were huge in the mid 90's and what is ironic is that most of their success came after the death of their lead singer. Brad Nowell died of a drug overdose before they released their self titled album which went on to sell millions. Here is a song I like from that album called April 29th 1992:

Last recommendation is a song called One Day by Matisyahu. It's hard to classify which genre it falls into, but it's just good. Good music and a good message. It's nice to see someone doing their own thing in the music business these days. We need more music like this. Have a listen:

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