Sunday, April 4, 2010

Youtube, Stop Changing!

Why is it that Youtube feels the need to keep changing everything up once we finally learn how to use it? I liked Youtube's format way back in the day and every update seems to make it worse.

Why is it that every feature you want to use seems to be hidden behind a button? It's like you have to jump though hoops to get to features that should be right there.

Information that used to be in the sidebar is now hidden underneath the video. So this means all the millions of video that were posted before this change which referenced content in the side bar are now obsolete.

And by the way, what happened to time stamps on comments? Now you can't tell if a comment was posted 2 minutes ago or 2 months ago.

Youtube, go back to basics. Stop changing everything to make it less user friendly.

UPDATE: 7-14-11

Youtube continues to mess things up and make the site less user friendly. Now they have decided to hide the most basic buttons that everyone needs including the play and stop button. What other necessary features can you hide from us Youtube? Why not hide the actual video so we have to click on something just to display the video?

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  1. UPDATE 10-19-12
    Youtube continues to make their site worse with more changes no one asked for. The new layout is harder to read with everything bright white.

    Now they are trying to mix all this other stuff like video suggestions into our subscriptions feed. I already have enough to go through with just new videos, stop trying to get me to watch a bunch of other stuff Youtube.

    The flag button doesn't even describe what it does so any new use will have to flag a video just to figure out what the button does.

    It will take some time to get used to the changes. I wish Youtube would give users the option of whether or not to update the layout. I bet if they gave the option to switch to a new layout or stay with a familiar layout, most users would keep the old format every time.

    Stop changing things Youtube.