Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Still Exists

Lately I have been not depressed, but feeling kind of down by all the bad people that are out there in the world. It seems like there are fewer and fewer truly good people out there. It makes me want to avoid people just so I don't have to interact with the bad ones.

Today however, my spirits were brightened. I was shopping at Kohls and I was waiting in line to check out at the register. A young girl was working the register and I noticed she was very friendly to the customer ahead of me. Usually in a job like this, the sales associate is not very happy; they are just doing their job, so when this girl was extra nice, it caught my attention.

Then it was my turn to check out. She was very friendly to me also. She had a nice personality, but not overpowering. She even gave me an extra 15% off with a coupon that they probably give out for customers to use on their next purchase.

This girl made me realize that there are still good people out there.

This situation is similar to one of the fundamental concepts of one of my favorite shows Lost, which has its series finale tonight. The concept is good vs. evil. In the show, there is a good guy and a bad guy. The good guy has to exist to prevent the bad guy from getting out and turning everyone else bad in a sense. The bad guy wants to kill him, but the good guy keeps bringing more people to the island to join him in an effort for good. As long as good exists, it will triumph over evil. I think this is true for real life. Which side are you on?

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