Friday, June 25, 2010

Yahoo Stop Stealing My Searches!

I have my homepage set to Yahoo because it has a lot of general information on it and has some features use such as email. I like Gmail better but I still have a couple Yahoo accounts. Anyway, when I go to do a search, I don't use Yahoo. I use the Google bar up in the top right of Firefox. I just find Google results to be the most accurate.

Anyway, for some reason, when you click your cursor up in the Google search box, a split second later it jumps down to the Yahoo search box. This is incredibly annoying! You either have to wait a second after the page loads so Yahoo will not steal your cursor, or it will take your whole search or part of the word you are typing.

Not only that, sometimes when you manage to get the whole word typed in the Google search bar, Yahoo still manages to redirect you to a blank Yahoo page with a search bar! I am so close to switching my homepage away from Yahoo. I want to, but I'm just so used to it. One of these days I will switch it. This is not the first time I have been annoyed by Yahoo. It's things like this that contribute to the downfall of popular websites.

Update: I know have Google set for the home page so problem is solved!  I still go to Yahoo for some things like mail, news, and finance, but for most searches, I use Google. 


  1. The new Firefox 8.0.1-9.0.1 is crap, so when I open a new tab it opens a blank page, so at the Mozilla support site I downloaded and additive which makes Google home page open upon opening a new tab. But now when I enter the search phrase right after opening a new tab and the Google home page there but boom Yahoo opens and shows the search for me instead! How do they do it? this should be illegal! It's like I vote YES and they would out NO instead. Or if I vote for one person and they would count it as another person. Yahoo has been doing this and similar tricks with me for years. I was tolerating it but now I decided to BOYCOTT Yahoo and any of their products. Enough is enough! YAHOO IS OUT OF MY LIFE!

  2. Connected IsolationJanuary 7, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    There are different search engines you can choose for the toolbar at the top right. Make sure Google is selected from the little pull down menu. If it is not there, you add it.

  3. I am also highly annoyed with this exact thing. My main email is thru yahoo so i hesitate to change my homepage. I do not care at all whatsoever for using yahoo search. I will have half a word typed and then the yahoo search bar steals my search and when i press enter i am getting search results from a portion of a search phrase.....YUCK>

    1. Connected IsolationJune 29, 2013 at 10:39 AM

      Yes, it is annoying. And now they changed it so it's not remembering the login name, so you have to type it in every time. I lost access one of my accounts because of this. Very frustrating.