Thursday, November 3, 2011

Outasight - Next Big Thing in Music

I love when I find new good music, more specifically, a new good artist; one where you discover a good song, proceed to listen to some of their other songs and ultimately find out they are all good!  This rarely happens, so when it does, I get excited and have to blog about it.

I had heard this catchy song in a Pepsi commercial, you have probably heard it, it goes something like "Tonight is the night is the night... woo woo ooh ooh ooh".  So I finally got around to looking it up. Found it on Google by doing a lyric search.  It turns out the song is called "Tonight is the Night" and it is by a guy under the artist name Outasight.

I first go to the Youtube video that pops up, expecting to see something like 15 million views.  To my surprise, it only has like 100,000.  I know what you're thinking, that's a lot, and it is, but for a song that is featured in a Pepsi commercial, and sounds like a pop song that would be on everyone's top playlist this year, 100k is nothing.  Apparently, this guy hasn't blown up yet.  I predict this will change very soon.

Outasight is making his tv performing debut tonight on X-Factor which should give him huge exposure and no doubt people will look him up and find his other good songs.  I haven't even had time to fully go through his catalog and mixtapes, but already I have a few songs picked out to share with you.  First up of course is the hit "Tonight is the Night".

Next is a funky hip hop number called "It's Like That". Nod your head to this.

One more of his newer releases called "Figure 8"


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