Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Domain Name

New logo idea
After months of holding out, I have finally decided to buy a domain name for the blog here.  I have been debating with myself for a long time on whether or not it was worth buying a name or just keeping the free blogspot domain.  I read a lot of opinions and most of them highly recommend getting your own url if you are serious about blogging.

I started this blog as just an experiment to see what I would do with it.  Now that a couple years have gone by and I am still writing in this blog and taking it seriously, I thought now would be a good time to register the domain name. Connected Isolation has been the name from the beginning and now it has the url to match.

Why the name you may ask?  I picked it to represent myself and everyone else who uses the internet, specifically from home.  We are "connected" by the internet, yet "isolated" from each other in reality.  It's an oxymoron I guess with 2 words that are somewhat opposites, yet when put together it actually describes our situations accurately.

I'm hoping that by having the new domain name it will give a little more credibility to the blog and possibly bring in more traffic from search results.  I will definitely be keeping an eye on the traffic numbers to see if anything changes and I will be sure to report back here.

If you have any thoughts on blogging, domain names, or tips, feel free to share them in the comments below.

UPDATE: 3-4-12
So a little over a month has passed and I haven't seen much of a change in traffic.  The page views seem to depend more on the posts written.  When you write something and it catches on, that's when you get a lot of traffic.  It is nice to have a domain name though and I think it improves the perceived quality of the website.

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