Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Voting System in the US is a Mess

Much like the tax system, the voting system in the US needs to be reformed.  One of the main things that needs to change is getting rid of the electoral college system and instead go by the popular vote so every vote counts.  The fact that a candidate who receives less votes can actually win makes absolutely no sense.  Many people do not even know what the electoral college is or how it works.  Who is actually arguing to keep this ridiculous system? 

Another thing that needs to change is that it needs to be easier for people to know who they are voting for.  You shouldn't have to go seek it out by researching different sites on the internet to try to learn about the people who are running.  All the information should be in one place.  Voters should have it ahead of time and they should also have that information at the voting location.  At least a summary with main points on each candidate should be available with the voting ballot.

Voting online should also be an option.  With modern technology and convenience, why do we still have to go out to a location to vote or mail it in?  People might argue that voting online is not secure and people might take advantage of it.  If people can bank online and transfer money online, it is secure enough to cast a vote.  All they need to do is set it up so the site is secure and the individual would have to put in several forms of identification to prove their identity.

If these changes were made, the voting system would be more representative of the people's choice, it would be easier, and people would be more informed about who they are voting for so they can make the best possible decision when they go to vote

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