Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Youtube Channels of 2013

1. Laina the Overly Attached Girlfriend (wzr0713)
You probably recognize her from the Overlay Attached Girlfriend meme which is a screen cap of her face from one of her videos.  Laina has risen from this fame and created a great new Youtube channel.  She is very funny and smart, traits that come across in her videos which range from vlogs, to parodies, to fan challenges.  Here is one where she goes to the red carpet at the American Music Awards to try to find Justin Beiber.

2. Vitaly Pranks (VitalyzdTv)
Vitaly is one of the bravest pranksters out there who is known for pushing the envelope and creating "R Rated" pranks.  He does the kind of stuff that makes people want to beat him up before he reveals that it is all just a joke.  Sometimes people are a good sport about it and other times things get out of hand.  If you like edgy prank videos, be sure to check out this channel.  In this one, he goes around to guys saying, "Do you even lift?" implying that they need to work out.

3. Jia Jiang - Rejection Therapy (DukieAjah)
Jia Jiang is on a quest to create 100 videos featuring the concept of Rejection Therapy.  This means he goes around and asks people requests that are unusual or weird and most likely going to get rejected.  Jia films each situation and records the outcome.  Many times his odd requests are granted and he gets to experience something special. On this day, he goes to Costco and asks to speak on the intercom system which leads to an unexpected result.

4. Roman Atwood Pranks (RomanAtwood)
Like Vitaly, Roman Atwood and company are another great prank group to check out.  These guys come up with some of the best ideas that are always funny and elicit hilarious reactions from the unsuspecting targets.  In this one, they use a play on words to tell people they have a bee on them.

5. Badge of Shame - Joe Goes (BadgeofShame)
Joe from Badge of Shame goes around to conventions and different events to interview people in attendance.  His questions are funny and awkward which make them very enjoyable to watch as he interacts with the general public. Here is one where he visits Japan to interview the people and learn about the culture.

6. RossCreations
Ross from the RossCreations channel is one talented dude.  He does physical stunts, acrobatics, and does some of the most daring pranks you will see on Youtube.  If you like Vitaly's style, you will love this channel.  Here is one of his stunt/prank videos with a baseball theme.

7. Reggie Watts
One of my favorite artists and performers Reggie Watts now has his own Youtube channel and it is about time.  This guy is such an interesting character with endless amounts of talent.  It's great to see him with his own platform to share it.  Here is the first video in a series he is doing about how music can effect people.

8. Live Prude Girls
Milana and Stevie from the Live Prude Girls are some of the funniest girls on Youtube right now.  They make original sketch videos but are most famous for their awkward interview type videos where they invite guests to their house and ask them questions.  Here is one where they interview fellow Youtuber Kassem G.

9. Flula
I'm still not sure what to make of Flula Borg from the Flula channel.  He is a German now living in the US who makes music related videos and videos reflecting on American idioms and phrases.  At first I didn't know what was real and what was fake.  All I know know is that Flula is smart, talented, and very funny.  He reminds me of Ali G, who is one of my all time favorites.  In this one, he discusses the term "party pooper".

10. Whatever
 Rounding out the top ten Youtube channels of 2013 is the Whatever channel.  They do the hidden camera style pranks and social experiments like some of the other channels mentioned above.  This video is actually an extended clip from one of there videos called Staring at People.  Andrea finally met her match in this one.

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  1. Love the "best channels" posts! I ran across your blog while researching for a site I'm working on called "YouTube Channel Hub." Let me know what you think.

    1. Connected IsolationMarch 11, 2013 at 4:47 PM

      That's a good start on the website. I would recommend adding either a picture or an embedded video for each post so people can get a better idea of what each channel is like. Thanks for the comment.