Monday, August 26, 2013

Product Downsizing - Sneaky ways companies are charging consumers more for less

Have you noticed that the shape of that container of juice or peanut butter looks different or smaller than is used to? Have you also noticed that the ounces per container seems to be going down, yet the cost is still the same if not more? This is because many companies are subtly changing their packaging so that they are selling less product yet keeping the cost the same, ultimately making more profit for them.

Like most consumers, I don't like this practice. When they change the packaging or size, they don't let you know about it. If they do, they try to pass it off as a "new design". Sometimes they keep the same package but just put less inside. You have probably noticed when you open a bag of chips there are not nearly as many as your thought there would be inside.

Companies make the excuse that the cost of products is increasing so they either have to raise the prices or make the products smaller and sell them for the same price. Neither is a great option but if they raised the prices at least it would be straight forward and not sneaky. Keep an eye on the products you buy often. Make note of how many ounces they have so when they do try to sneak a change in there, you will know.

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