Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blocked from Retailmenot - Cannot submit coupon codes

If you have ever searched for a coupon code, you have probably found the website Retailmenot.  In theory they are supposed to let users submit coupon codes for others to use.  While this site was ok in the past, I have found now that they block or ban people from submitting coupon codes.

Every time I try to submit a valid coupon code or link, I get the message that whatever I have put in has been blocked.  And it is not just links.  They have even blocked regular words.  I'm not sure why I have been blocked because hundreds of other people are posting the exact same kind of promo codes and they are not being blocked. 

Have you been been blocked from posting on Retailmenot?  Let us know in the comments section.

Update: 4-6-15 I have noticed now that some coupon pages on Retailmenot are completely blocked off and they do not even accept submissions for coupon codes on these pages. It seems they are set up with affiliate companies and are using affiliate links to get commission though the promo codes and sales.  It is their site and they have the right to set it up as they please, but it would still be nice if they actually allowed people to submit coupon codes to the site.

Update: 7-11-15 I contacted Retailmenot to see if they could add a code manually since it is being blocked. They said that since the code was submitted before, it cannot be submitted again. That is fair enough, but I double checked the site and it looks like there a many new codes being submitted that are duplicates so I'm not sure why they are being published while others are not. 


  1. Retailmenot blocks my code when I try to submit a 30% off for Kohls. They even block when i comment on another persons code and I leave a cryptic code for 30% off.

  2. I have submitted codes in the past just fine. Today I tried to post a code and it said the code was blocked.
    I wonder if companies are trying to get certain codes blocked? Retailmenot is a big coupon site and maybe there have been some violations?

  3. I found that its very hard to find any coupon code to submit. They accept if you have your own coupon but not from any affiliate networks. Do you have any solution for it? Thanks.

  4. Is there any other website where I post my Coupons bcoz Retailmenot is Always blocking my coupons