Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Best TV Shows of 2013

It has been another good year for tv so once again we have the top 10 best shows of the year.  These are all shows from major broadcast networks so if your favorite cable or premium channel show is not on this list, that may be why.  This year we have some brand new shows as well as some veteran shows which have been featured in previous years. Here are Connected Isolation's 10 best tv shows for 2013:

1. Whodunnit
Whodunnit is new show that takes a group of ordinary people and puts them in a mansion where each week one of them is "killed".  The remaining contestants must then use clues left behind to try to figure out who did it.  The catch is that the killer is actually one of them, but no one knows who it is.  This show was so fun to watch this year.  The casting was excellent in addition to the drama, strategy, and suspense which made it the best show of 2013.  

2. The Following
Here is another new show which premiered this year staring Kevin Bacon as a former detective who is brought back to catch his biggest nemesis, a serial killer who has escaped and who has a cult like following of killers ready to do whatever he says.  It took me a while to get into this series, but once it picked up, it became the best prime time drama of the year!

3. Big Brother
It's no surprise Big Brother has made it on the list this year.  The mother of all reality shows had one of it's most controversial seasons this year with contestants saying a lot of things they shouldn't have.  The drama, competition, and emotion ran high this season which places it again on our top ten list this year.

4. Master Chef / Master Chef Jr.
Two for the price of one this year with a new Master Chef as well as an equally enjoyable Master Chef Junior.  This has become my favorite of the many Chef Ramsey shows where ordinary people get to compete to be America next great chef.  The Junior edition gave kids a chance to show their skills in the kitchen this year and was possibly even more entertaining than the regular edition.

5. Undercover Boss
Undercover Boss is back again this year putting the CEO's of companies in disguise and sending them into the front lines of their own companies to find out what the employees really think.  This show always has a lot of good moments where the bad employees are discovered and confronted and the good employees are praised and rewarded. 

6. Shark Tank
Shark Tank is back on the list this year with the wealthy "sharks" deciding which entrepreneurs they want to help out and partner with to grow their business.  The banter between the sharks is great and it is fun to see ambitious people trying to bring new businesses and products to the market.  

7. American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior is a unique athletic event that really shows true physical skills such as strength, balance, and agility in a variety of events and obstacles.  People from all over the country compete and try to move on to the next stage in the fastest time.  No American has even finished all the stages yet.  Will this be the year?

8. Brooklyn Nine Nine
A new show and the first comedy on this list is Brooklyn Nine Nine.  This show stars Andy Samberg as a goofy police detective in Brooklyn.  He is supported by a strong cast of funny characters.  Each week they solve crimes but the main focus is the humor and the jokes.
9. Trophy Wife
A surprise hit this year is the new comedy Trophy Wife.  This show is similar to Modern Family in the fact that is has a large cast, but I find the characters to be much more likeable.  Don't be thrown off by the title.  This show is about a family and all the funny interactions and relationships between them.
10. Secret Millionaire
Rounding out the top ten this year is the feel good show Secret Millionaire.  The show sends millionaires to a poor area of the country in need where they look for opportunities to volunteer and help out.  At the end, they reveal their identity and give money to those people who need it most.
Hope you found a good show to watch here on this list.  What was your favorite show of 2013?

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