Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AT&T Blocking 000Webhost Hosted Sites

A few months back I discovered that a couple of the websites I own were not working.  After doing some troubleshooting, I contacted the web hosting service 000Webhost to see what the problem was.  They said the sites were working fine on their end.  I still could not access the sites from my computer, but oddly enough, I tested it out using my phone and was able to load the sites just fine.  This meant it was something with the computer not being able to load the websites.

Next I contacted my internet provider AT&T.  After about 2 hours of customer support they said that the error was indeed on their end, but that they thought it was a problem with my modem.  This is odd considering every other websites worked fine.  They said someone would contact me about getting it fixed, but I never heard back from them.

Just recently I tested the websites out from another computer several towns over and found the they would not load there either.  This location also happened to be using AT&T for their internet.  So after process of elimination it became clear that the issue was with AT&T blocking 000Webhosted sites.

After doing some research I found that many other people are having the same issue of their 000Webhost sites not being accessible from AT&T connections.  There are forum discussions about this topic both on the 000Webhost site as well as AT&T.  Apparently there have been some abusive websites that were hosted on 000Webhost and because of this, AT&T decided to block a whole bunch of the 000webhost websites, even though it was just a small percentage of websites that were causing trouble. 

There does not seem to be much progress on this issue.  000Webhost is saying it is an AT&T problem.  AT&T is saying that they have blocked it because of abuse and there does not seem to be any resolution happening any time soon. So what are we to do?

Some recommend just moving the sites to another host, a paid host.  What was good about 000Webhost is that it was free as long as you had your own domain name.  I don't really want to move my sites and buy a hosting plan every year when there are free options out there.  Is anyone else in this same situation?  What is the best solution?  For now I will be looking into other possible webhosts to move the sites to because as of now, they are not accessible because of the block from AT&T. 

Update 4-6-15 I finally decided to move the site I was hosting on 000Webhost over to Blogger and now it is working again.  Of course it was a bit of a process and was kind of technical but I got it done.  Also it involved remaking the site from scratch which was time consuming but at least now the website actually works.  If you are in the same situation, I would recommend switching it to another hosting provider as well. 


  1. Thank you for this information. I was just searching to find out why I could see my 000webhost page from my computer but not from my phone (AT&T of course).

  2. I am so irritated with this!!

  3. After the contract end i'm going for comcast. (AT&T sucks I'll never use AT&T again.)

  4. That happens to me too!!! I spend hours to communicate with them and they said someone would contact me about getting it fixed, but I never heard back from them.

  5. This is so annoying. I can access the website via a proxy, but can't get FTP to work. Blocking everybody's website because of some rogue sites is just idiotic. Please stop doing this AT&T. If I had a choice of a different DSL provider I would have switched by now.

  6. I let my free 000Webhost expire and auto delete because of this issue last year. I found another provider that has been serving my needs. But just recently a server upgrade on that providers servers is causing a big problem with my php scripts. They are working on the issue because it poses a MAJOR network security threat. So I came back to 000Webhost and re-activated my account and then to find that AT&T IP addresses are still unable to access 000Webhost sites. I was trying to access the site through my AT&T mobile device. I sent 000Webhost another nasty e-mail. After doing some more research, I came upon this forum. I immediately contacted 000Webhost again and wrote a sincere apology.

    But I am VERY happy to report that I was finally able to get rid of my DSL because Comcast finally opened a port in my area that I need for remote VPN connectivity. Let me tell you, GIVING AT&T the boot felt really good! And after finding this forum, it makes me even happier that AT&T is no longer receiving my $44.00 for their antiquated DSL service.

    And after reading this, my next move will be to get rid of all my AT&T mobile services also.

    So I am now going to use a combination of both the 000Webhost and my new web host provider combined on mine and other websites to inform others who still use AT&T, of their practice with blocking web hosts. I am sure AT&T is doing this with other hosts as well.

    AT&T can just go and POUND SAND for all I care!

  7. Good job tracking this down! I'm having the same problem. It looks like my only economical option will be to post a connection disclaimer on my website and angrily shake my fist at AT&T whenever appropriate.

  8. definitely hating this. against net neutrality