Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ever the Movie Review

I have been a fan of Wendy McColm and her Youtube channel for a while now so when I saw she was staring in a new full length film that would be posted on her channel, I was looking forward to it!  The new film is called Ever, and it is written and directed by Josh Beck and stars Wendy McColm and Christina Elizabeth Smith with cinematography by Micah Van Hove.

I went into the film without any expectations figuring it would be an artistic expression type of movie that might be ok.  After watching the movie, it surpassed all my expectations!  Not only is it a great movie for Youtube, but it is good enough to be in theaters.  It really has a high production value from the filming and soundtrack to the writing and acting.  

This is the kind of movie you should watch without knowing anything about it ahead of time.  I would recommend not even watching the trailer or reading a plot summary.  This is because there are some twists and it is best not to be spoiled.

Without giving anything away, just know that it is a drama about a girl who is going through an emotional period in her life and the movie is about what happened and how she deals with it as she meets new people and forms new relationships.

The film was featured at many indie film festivals and the creators have been generous enough to upload it to Youtube and Vimeo to watch for free.  I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes movies with emotion, drama, and twists.  Wendy and Christina both have excellent performances as the main characters in this movie. You can watch it above and visit the official website for more information.

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