Saturday, October 21, 2017

Goldfish - Honey Mustard and Pretzel Mix Review

Goldfish crackers have been around for a long time and chances are you have tasted some of the common varieties. I had only tried some of the basic flavors until I got a sample of the Honey Mustard + Pretzel flavor. They are surprisingly good! On my next trip to the store I decided to pick up a pack in this flavor.

They come in a purple package and retail for about $2. Be careful to read it carefully because they also have a cheddar flavor mix that is in a purple package that looks almost the same. I have not tried the cheddar mix flavor yet, but I may try that one next.

The flavor of the honey mustard Goldfish reminds me a lot of Gardettos snack mix with a little more of a honey mustard flavor. They have the standard Goldfish and Pretzel Goldfish mixed together and both have a honey mustard flavor but I find the pretzel to have a stronger flavor.

Nutrition wise, they are not too bad. In terms of fat and sodium they are about on par with other similar snacks. If you like Goldfish or honey mustard flavor, I highly recommend trying the Goldfish Honey Mustard + Pretzel mix.

Have you tried any of the other new Goldfish flavors? Which one is your favorite?

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