Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Overfilled Coolant Antifreeze – How to Fix This Problem Easily

The other day I was checking the fluid levels on my car and noticed the coolant level was very low. It was supposed to be filled up to a certain line about half way, but it was all the way at the bottom. So I got the recommended coolant to proceeded to fill it back up.

On some cars like mine, it can be hard to see the fluid level from the side and I ended up putting too much coolant in which brought the level to about 1 inch over what is was supposed to be. After doing some research, it looked like it would not be a huge problem, but I still wanted to get it back down to the recommended level.

I started thinking of possible solutions to fix this problem. The first thought was to use something like a turkey baster to put in and draw out the excess fluid. Only problem is I did not have a turkey baster available.

Next I thought about using a straw by dipping the end of it into the coolant, closing the top of the straw and pulling out the liquid little by little. This method might work but would probably take a while. Also, in my case, I did not have any straws available at the time.

I figured I might have to go to the store to get one of the above items, but just in case, I kept looking around the house for any tools that might get the job done. Then I found it! A spray bottle such as glass cleaner would do the trick!

Here is how to use the top of a spray bottle to remove excess coolant from the car in case it has been overfilled:

First, unscrew the spray part of the bottle and put the bottle aside. Next, spray out the extra liquid in case the straw still has some left over from the original bottle. I also recommend putting the end in water and spraying it a few times to make sure it is cleaned out. Once it is empty and dry, take the spray part and an empty bottle to the car.

Make sure the car is off and the engine is cold. Slowly unscrew the cap for the coolant reservoir and set it aside. Next, take the spray and dip the end of the straw down into the coolant. Take the empty bottle and position it so you will be able to spray the coolant into the bottle. Then start spraying!

It can go pretty quick, but it may take many sprays to get it to the level you want it. I found it took about 60 sprays to drop the level down about 1 inch. Check it every so often so you will be ready to stop when it reaches the correct level. Once it is at the right level, take the hose out and screw the cap back on.

You can save the extra coolant for later in case it gets low again at a later time. I hope this helps!

Disclaimer: I am not a mechanic, but I found this to be a good solution to the overfilled coolant problem by using household items most people may have around the house.


  1. I want to thank u for your info now if someone would explain oil dipstick,how to guage.sure wish they would bring service back to gas stations.

  2. Dude, you're a life saver! Thank you!

  3. Wow! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!👍