Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fetch Rewards Review – Trying out the receipt scanning rewards app

As someone who does a good amount of grocery shopping, it peaked my interest when I heard about apps that allow you to earn rewards by scanning receipts. In the past, I had looked up several of these apps, but none of them ever panned out or turned out to be worth the trouble.

Recently, someone recommend trying out Fetch Rewards. It is an app for iOS and Android that lets you earn rewards points for scanning your receipts, so I figured I would try it out. Downloading the app and setting it up was pretty easy. They don't ask for too much information other than the basics like name, email, and phone number.

You can start off with 2,000 points by using a referral code such as Q8RWJ. This is pretty good because 2,000 points is equal to $2 worth of rewards and you can start redeeming rewards at 3,000. I used a code and it applied the points to my account after I scanned my first receipt.

The rewards are e-gift cards to many popular retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart etc. They start at $3 for 3,000 points and go up as more points are earned.

So how does the app work? Basically you just use the app to take pictures of your receipts. It gives you points for each receipt and gives bonus points if items on your receipt are from the participating brands. These are popular brands that you will recognize in most stores. As long as the pictures you take are clear, it usually processes the scan within a few seconds and awards the points.

In case there is an issue or the images were not clear, it may say “processing” and can take a little longer. I have found that even when they have to check it, the turn around time is usually pretty quick. Also make sure to double check that you get credit for all your items. Sometimes items do not get picked up in the scan depending on how a store lists them on the receipt.

For example say you buy Lays chips, but the way it was listed on the receipt did not get recognized by the app, you may have to put in a request for it to be reviewed so the proper points can be added. They are good about this and usually they review and give you the points within a few hours.

You are able to scan receipts from the past 14 days so if you have some older receipts, you may be able to scan them right away. They have a limit of 14 receipts per week. I had some saved up from the past 2 weeks so I scanned them in. I actually got to 3,000 points within about 1 day so I was ready to cash them out for a reward.

I decided to redeem them for a Target e-gift card. At first when I went to redeem, it said I did not have enough points even though I did. I sent them an email to see what was going on. Then I checked later in the day and it worked so maybe it needed some time to process before redeeming the points.

Redeeming the points was pretty easy. They send a confirmation text and then they send you the code for the gift card. I double checked the balance on Target just in case and sure enough it had $3 credit.

So I would say if you do a lot of grocery shopping it is worth trying out the app to scan your receipts. It can take a while to earn the points, but if you start with the 2,000 from the referral code, you can get to 3,000 points pretty fast.

I will probably stick with it since it is kind of fun and pretty easy to scan the receipts. If you would like to try it out, you can download it for free from App Store or Google Play.

Update 9-14-18:
I am still using the Fetch Rewards app for receipts and it is still going well. I have been able to redeem the points for gift cards every few weeks or so. It's a nice little reward for something that is pretty easy to do. They have improved the scanning feature of the app and overall it works very well. I recommend trying it out if you do a lot of shopping.

Update 8-22-19:
It's been about a year and I am still using the app to scan my receipts. It still works great for earning rewards. I usually cash out with Target gift cards. The only issue I have noticed is sometimes the app will crash if I scan several receipts in one session, but if that happens, I just open it up again and it is back to normal.

It looks like they are still running the promotion where you can get 2,000 points by using promo code Q8RWJ. That is equal to $2 right off the bat just for signing up and scanning your first receipt. If you do a lot of grocery shopping I highly recommend it!  
Update 9-14-21
I don't shop as much as before so I have not been using the Fetch app as much, but I do log in every so often to see if they have any receipt promotions. I noticed they often have promotions where you get get hundreds of points just for scanning one receipt which is definitely worth it. It's nice to be able to cash out the points for gift cards! 


  1. Its a scam. Fetch Rewards app runs in the background nonstop collecting all your personal information, passwords, private pictures. When you go to cash out they terminate your account to avoid big cash outs. Make up an invalid excuse. Then they continue to have their app running in background collecting data. They send you spam emails trying to keep their ties but refuse to allow you to sign in. Its a waste of time. Not worth what they are collecting. Be careful.

    1. I have only had good experience with it so far. I have cashed out with about $60 since I started using it. Check the settings. You can disable background app refresh as well as location. The only permission I have it set to allow is camera which it needs to scan the receipts.