Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Method Bathroom Cleaner Review

Recently I had purchased a bleach-based all purpose cleaner, and while it was strong, the odor was very unpleasant enough that I did not want to use it anymore. So I decided to look for some alternative options. One that caught my eye was the Method Bathroom Cleaner, available at Amazon and Target. It is a natural cleaner without bleach so I decided to give it a try.

Upon trying it out, I found the scent to be quite good! It has a refreshing clean smell which I found to be much better than the bleach smell of some of the other cleaners. I have been using it mainly for cleaning the tub and toilet and occasionally the sink.

In terms of effectiveness, it seems to be just strong enough to get the job done. Whenever residue starts appearing around the toilet bowl, a few sprays of this cleaner and some brush action get it back to its original condition. So far the tub has remained pretty clean as well with a weekly cleaning using this spray and a sponge.

My only complaint would be that the design of the bottle is not the most ergonomic, meaning it does not really fit the hand very well, so it can sometimes take two hands to hold it in place and spray it.

I will probably purchase it again once this one runs out. Overall if you are looking for a natural bathroom cleaner with a fresh scent, I recommend trying out the Method Bathroom Cleaner.

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