Sunday, January 5, 2020

Eveready LED Pocket Flashlight Review

I was looking to get a new flashlight after my Energizer crank style flashlight stopped working. This time I decided to get a battery powered one since I did not have good luck with the crank style. After doing some research I decided to get the Eveready LED Pocket Flashlight. It is available at Target for $5.49.

I liked the fact that it was affordable and is made out of metal instead of a cheap plastic. Also I wanted something pretty small so I figured it would be a good size. Online the color is black, but in store I only saw grey or green so I decided to go with the grey.

Upon handling it in person it is actually smaller than I expected. In fact I would say it is actually too small to get a good grip on it. But I guess the trade off is that it is small enough to easily put in a pocket or small compartment.

The outside build quality feel pretty good, not overly heavy, but sturdy as one would expect from metal. The lens does feel like plastic when tapping it. It also has a wrist strap which I would highly recommend using because it can be easy to drop due to the the small size,

There were no instructions to install the batteries, but it was pretty easy to figure it out. You just unscrew the bottom and a cartridge from the inside comes out which has holders for the batteries. I found the inside plastic parts to feel a little cheap and the springs for the batteries do not look that sturdy. 

It comes with 3 carbon zinc AAA batteries which are not as good as other batteries like alkaline or lithium. I'm not sure how long they will last, but I would expect they may not last that long considering they are just the cheap kind of batteries. 

After putting it back together it was ready to try out. The on/off button is on the bottom which I found is not very convenient to use. A side button that can be operated by thumb would be a better option especially to operate with one hand.

The light itself is very bright and easily lights up a room. This flashlight is rated at 80 lumens and claims to have a battery life of about 5 hours. Interestingly, in store, there were some other Eveready flashlights of the same kind and price, but the lumens where about 1/2 and the battery life was double. I guess they can adjust the brightness down if they want to extend the battery life. Given the choice I decided to go with the brighter one just in case.

Overall if you are looking for a very small yet bright flashlight with a metal build for a low price, the Eveready LED Pocket Flashlight is a good option. If you have larger hands or would like a flashlight with a thumb on/off button I would recommend another option. 

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