Saturday, November 7, 2020

Zep Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

I am pretty good about cleaning my toilet once a week, but over time it had started to build up a coating of some kind at the bottom and around the underside of the rim. It seemed no amount of cleaning was helping. I even tried scraping it off but it was really stuck on there good.

I also had noticed the toilet began getting clogged very easily. I had a feeling the deposits building up around the bottom were starting to narrow the pathway and were causing the clogs to happen more frequently.

After doing some research I decided to try out Zep Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I picked it up at a hardware store for about $5.

Upon trying it out, it is pretty easy to use. You squeeze and twist the cap which opens it and then you just squirt it around the toilet. I expected the smell to be strong but it was actually not bad at all and has a clean fresh scent. I let it sit and swished it around with the toilet brush. They say you only have to leave it for 5 minutes but I let it sit for longer hoping it would work better.


After flushing it, I did not see much difference. I tried a few more times, again letting it sit longer for several hours and it slowly started to break down the deposits and clean the residue that was stuck around the rim.

It seemed to work best if I pushed most of water out and then put in the cleaner so it was more concentrated. Using the brush to swish it around and help scrape around the sides also seemed to work pretty well.

After doing several treatments over a few weeks and using about 2/3rds of the bottle, I would say that the results are not perfect but much better than before. It was able to clean around the sides and under the rim pretty good with a little residue still there. The bottom which was the most stubborn is also much better with the only deposits left are way back where the brush cannot reach. 




Also I have not had any more issues with it getting clogged since using this product so it must have cleaned it well enough to break down whatever was preventing it from flushing properly.

Overall I would say the product worked pretty good and was worth the money. I will include the before and after pictures here to show the results. If you have been having issues like this with your toilet, I would recommend trying out the Zep cleaner.

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