Tuesday, December 1, 2020

One Mississippi Show Review - Tig Notaro's show based on her real life

Recently I was checking out some of the offerings available on Amazon Prime video and I noticed Tig Notaro had a show called One Mississippi. Tig has been one of my favorite comedians for some time now so of course I had to check it out. I didn't know much about the series going in, I just kind of jumped right in to it.

The show is based on Tig's real life and it goes over some of the topics which she has had to deal with in recent times such as sickness, cancer, and the sudden loss of her mother. It may sound kind of depressing but it is not. There is some humor throughout but I would not consider it a comedy necessarily.

The first season is 6 episodes that are about 25 minutes each so it goes very fast. I really enjoyed the first season. Tig is very much herself which makes the acting easy, but even playing the role as herself, I found her acting to be very impressive.

We also meet Tig's step father Bill who is probably my favorite character. He has that personality where everything in his life has to be very particular and controlled the way he wants it. I found his character to be very relatable. His acting is so good, I had to keep asking myself, “Wait, is he an actor or is this real?”

Other characters we meet along the way include her brother Remy as well as some of the relationship interests of the characters.

The second season is also 6 episodes and picks up where the first season left off. I enjoyed the second season as well but I think the first season was better. The first season just seemed so real and authentic while the second season seemed more like it was written like how most shows are.

Overall I would highly recommend checking out One Mississippi. If you are a fan or Tig's, you are sure to enjoy it and even if you are not familiar with her, I think you will enjoy the show.

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