Monday, December 27, 2021

Twitter Declining Over The Years

Twitter seems to be continuously getting worse over the years. It used to be you could follow people you were interested in and see the tweets they wrote. Now it seems like most of the content in the feed is either advertisements or content you don't want.

Instead of seeing actual tweets, the feed is flooded with things like “so and so follows...”, or “so and so liked...” I followed these people to see what they are tweeting, not to see what tweets they liked and which people they follow.

Also they are now just throwing in random tweets from random categories. This is essentially junk mail in Twitter form. I know they are just trying to get you to follow more accounts, but at very least this kind of feature should have the option to be turned off.

I go into the settings and they have sections for “Topics” and “Interests”. They sign you up for these categories supposedly based on your activity, but I have found tons of “topics” and “interests” in there that I have no interest in nor have I even heard of them.

And they don't make it easy to get rid of this stuff. In the feed you can manually delete each one, one by one. In the settings you can go through and manually try to delete the things you are not interested in but all of this is very time consuming and annoying to do especially when we never signed up for these things to begin with.

I have an account just to follow the people who are interesting, but at this rate, I find myself wanting to check the feed less and less. I would not be surprised if other people feel the same way and are starting to leave the platform as well. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on this issue. 

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