Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Making a Wallet out of a Bag of Cookies

Recently I discovered some really good cookies. They are the Favorite Day Butter Shortbread cookies available at Target. The cookies themselves are delicious but this article is actually about the bag. The cookies come in a sealed pouch and then they have the external bag which has foldable seal tabs at the top.

Every time I finished a bag of these cookies and then went to throw away the bag, I kept thinking it was too nice of a bag to toss out. It just seemed like the kind of bag that would actually be sold as is, even without the cookies. It is pretty durable and reusable since it never even comes in contact with the actual cookies.

So it can definitely be used as a bag, but I decided to get a little creative with it. I noticed it folded up nicely like a tri-fold wallet. So I thought maybe it could be turned into a wallet. I noticed if you just cut one of the sides of the bag, it pretty much becomes the same shape as a wallet. Then you just need to tape some of the flaps down with clear tape.

You can even cut a slit in the bottom portion of the bag to create a slot for credit cards. After applying the tape, it actually turned out pretty good. It has plenty of space for cash and also holds the cards as well. I like that it even has the foldable tabs to keep it closed. It is also pretty low profile which is nice because many tri-fold wallets tend to be a little bulky.

Now I don't know how long it would last with regular use since it is made of a bag after all, but it does seem fairly durable and it would last well beyond the next bag of cookies that's for sure! If you happen to purchase these cookies, now can make your own wallet or at least have a nice reusable bag! 

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