Friday, August 6, 2010

Contribution to Society

After having about 10 weeks off of work for summer vacation, it was time to get back to work.  The thought of going back to work was kind of depressing.  I thought about how nice it would be to never have to work and to just sit around and do whatever I want, whenever I want.  The only way this could happen is if you were rich and didn't need to work.  This got me thinking about something.  What would happen if everyone was rich?

At first you think, well everyone would be happy and they could buy whatever they want.  But then after a minute, you realize, if everyone was rich, no one would work, and if no one worked, nothing would get done.  No products would be manufactured, no services would be performed and quickly society would fall apart.  People would have money, but they wouldn't be able to buy things because there would be nothing left to buy.

So what about people who are rich?  Is it fair for them to not work and not contribute to society?  Many may have earned it, but other have inherited money and never really had to work for it. Either way, I think everyone should contribute in some way whether it is from work, service, or just giving back to to those less fortunate

When it comes to thinking about work, try to think of it not as something you HAVE to do to earn money, but something you SHOULD do in order to do your part and contribute to society.  This might improve morale overall if everyone looked at it this way.

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