Friday, August 6, 2010

The Youtube Comment Generation

If you are a frequent visitor to Youtube, no doubt you have noticed the comments posted below each video.  While many of them are nice, you can't help but notice how many mean spirited, inappropriate, and nasty comments there are.  It seems like this has become almost standard and expected.  It's like Youtube comments are a place for people to say whatever they want even if they know they shouldn't.  I think even people who are nice in real life and would never say bad things to someone in person, often get sucked into this state of mind of posting offensive comments on Youtube videos.

Should Youtube monitor the comments better and try to stop it?  I don't think they can because there are so many comments.  I think for now people have to expect that this is the culture on Youtube right now and if you are going to post videos, expect to get some not so nice comments.  Also I think people have to not take comments so seriously, because most the time the comments are made just to get a rise out of people and try to start a flame war with the other commenters. 

Update: With the changes Youtube has made over the years, it looks like they have tried to make comments less a part of the experience with focus on the actual videos, yet the comments sections remain and there are still many people who post inappropriate comments.

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