Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall TV Shows Update

I just wanted to add a few more shows to the list from the previous post.  First is No Ordinary Family.  I am a fan of superheroes so when I heard about this show, I made sure to put it on my list of shows to check out.  Starting out, I did not like this show right from the beginning.  I didn't like the characters and I felt it was rushed.  Also, it seems like this idea has been done so many times.  If you are going to do a show about people with superpowers, it better be original.  The power are pretty common.  I was disappointed for example, by how the powers were discovered.  The dad tries to have his friend shoot him to test if he can stop bullets?  He tries to jump off a roof to see if he can fly?  Maybe they are gearing this show towards kids and families, yet there were some themes and language that were not G rated, so I'm not sure where they are going with this.  The one thing that was interesting was when we discovered there is another guy with powers, who was not with the family when they got theirs.  This opens up possibilities for more people with powers and that could make the show more interesting to watch. I'll check it out next week, but I hope it gets better.

The next show I'm watching is Rules of Engagement.  This is a half hour comedy with some familiar faces.  It is back for it's 2nd season.  I watched the 1st season casually and thought it was pretty good.  I have not yet made it required watching, but I will probably be watching it this season unless something else important is going on.

The 3rd show I have been watching is a new one called Raising Hope.  It's kind of a quirky comedy about a young kid who has to raise a baby while being surrounded by all kinds of interesting characters. I have not made a final decision on this one, but I think it has potential so I will be keeping an eye on it.

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