Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall TV Shows - 2010

Usually fall has a nice line up for tv programs.  I have been trying to stay on top of the new shows premiering and have managed to catch at least portions of the ones that have caught my interest.  So far, I have not been too impressed with the new shows.  Here is a little recap of the new shows I may be watching and the returning shows I will be watching this fall.

New Shows:
So far only 2 new shows have caught my interest after watching the pilots.  One is Mike and Molly.  This is a half hour comedy that airs Mondays on CBS.  It is nothing ground breaking, but the characters and writing seem to be pretty good, so I may watch this one.

Another show that has caught my interest is Outsourced which is another comedy that follows The Office on NBC.  What I like about this is the topic of the show is original.  It is not just another sitcom.  It is about a guy who has to manage a group of telemarketers in India.  I think it has potential so I will be keeping an eye on this one.

Returning Shows:
Some of my top returning shows this fall include The Big Bang Theory which is one of the funniest comedies on tv right now.

Smallville, this one is in it's 10th and final season.  In my opinion, it has gone downhill since season 6, but I am sticking with it til the end.

Hells Kitchen, didn't last season just end like a month ago?  Anyway, HK is always good so I'll be watching Gordon Ramsey this season.

The Office, I'm not a hard core fan of the show, but I usually watch it. Michael Scott is one of the best characters on tv.  This season looks to be pretty good.

The Apprentice, They are back to the regular format of the show without celebrities.  I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, but this show is usually entertaining so I will be watching it.

Undercover Boss, this one has not premiered yet, but I enjoyed last season, so I will definitely be checking out this season.

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