Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammys Review

Being a music fan, of course I have to watch the Grammys. Being someone who is really into music, usually I am disappointed with the Grammy awards. This year was no exception.

The overall production seemed cheap. For example the graphic design for the commercial breaks seemed more fitting for the Kids Choice Awards.

There were so many performances and not enough televised awards given out. I know they want to entertain people, but this is an awards show, not a concert.

Of course there are many talented unknown artists each year that don't get recognized. It really is a business of who you know. Unless you are with a major label and have connections, you have no chance of being nominated.

I managed an independent label a while back and looked into submitting some of my artists to the Grammys. I remember you had to join an association and pay a yearly fee just to be able to submit an artist for consideration.

This year there were a lot of upsets. I was not impressed by the nominees for record of the year.

I can't believe Arcade Fire won album of the year. I have tried to get into this band but I have never even heard one song by them that I liked. They performed 2 songs and they just sounded like noise with a constant drum beat. Really, do they need 2 drummers for simple beats like that? Did they even have any songs on the radio? Katy Perry should have one for album of the year. She had several huge hit singles from her album

Like everyone I was surprised by the best new artist winner Esperanza Spalding. Never heard of her. I would think Beiber would get this since he is everywhere but I guess the voting committee wouldn't have it. Again I was not impressed with this list of nominees in the 1st place.

Oh yeah, and a message to Eminem: Cheer up! Your a multi-millionaire, best selling rap artist of all time. You can stop scowling now.

For next year, I would like to see more awards given out on tv. Also make it live.

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