Saturday, February 12, 2011

Music Recommendations: Feb 2011

First recommendation is a singer named Meghan Tonjes who is gaining popularity from her covers and original songs on Youtube. I just discovered her this morning and was blown away by her voice, enough to already post this up as a recommendation. Expect to hear her on mainstream radio in the near future. Here is one of her original songs called "This Year":

Next up is an older song from a group that just popped into my mind recently. Remember the Avalanches? They are known for using lots of samples to make their songs. This song "Since I Left You" one was one of their hits. I watched the video this morning and really enjoyed it. Check it out:

Last up is a song by Ryan Seiler being covered by Luke Conard. The song is called "July". It's a nice acoustic song with a good chorus. Enjoy!

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