Friday, April 29, 2011

Comedy Shows Update: Office, Parks and Rec, Big Bang, and Rules of Engagement

So last night was the final episode of The Office with Michael Scott. I found it to be very emotional and sad. I never realized how much I cared for these characters. On the surface it looks like a very silly show, but there is true feeling behind it. I got teary eyed at 3 different parts: Dwight reading the letter of recommendation from Michael, Jim talking to Michael and realizing he is leaving that day, and the end when the plane leaves Scranton. I am really going to miss Michael. Not sure how good the show will be without him. The previews did show some big name guest stars coming up, but no one can ever replace the best boss in the world.

Parks and Recreation is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedies on TV. It is very funny and has a lot of good characters. Just a note, in a previous blog I mentioned that I didn't like Rashida Jones' character but I retract that statement.

Big Bang Theory is really letting me down this season. The earlier seasons were great, but for some reason, it has lost it's funniness this past season. I don't think I even smiled let alone laughed at last nights episode. Get rid of Raj's sister, she is not funny. Walowits and Raj weren't even in the episode last night. Bring it back to the main characters and make sure Sheldon is a major part of every episode.

Rules of Engagement is still holding strong week by week.

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