Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 10 Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe To

I love Youtube videos. If you are like me, you log in to Youtube everyday to check the new videos that have been uploaded from your subscriptions. There are a lot of good channels out there and a lot of bad ones. For this post, I thought I would share my top 10 recommended Youtube channels.

Note: I did not include some of the super popular channels that everyone knows. Also I tried to stick with channels which are currently active with new videos. Check out this list to find some new great channels to subscribe to. If you have a channel to that should be on the list, leave it in the comments below.

1. JennaMarbles
Jenna Mourey aka Jenna Marbles is a beautiful, talented, and hilarious vloger who gained fame with her video on how to trick people into thinking you are good looking. Her videos are always delightful to watch. Here is one of her videos where she takes on 2 personalities and coaches herself to be a better vloger.

2. BadLipReading
This is a channel that came out of nowhere with some amazing voice-over/original songs parodying popular music videos. They produce radio quality hits on a weekly basis and no one even knows who is behind these musical geniuses. Here is one of there videos called Black Umbrella (The Right Stuff) put to the video of Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus.

3. NicePeter
Nice Peter is a musician/comedian with roots in New York and Chicago. After releasing several albums, he moved to LA, started making videos and developed a big following. He is a nice guy as you might expect from the name as well as being a talented and funny song writer. Here is one of his first big hits called 50 Cent is a Pussy. He actually met 50 after making this song!

4. TheWineKone
The Wine Kone is a guy who makes funny, creative, and some say creepy videos. He is not afraid to say what everyone thinks but is afraid to say. Check out this video where he addresses those annoying pop up ads on Youtube videos.

5. DayJobOrchestra
The Day Job Orchestra aka DJO makes some of the best voice over/re-dub videos on the net. They are are accurate, funny, and spawn endless catch phrases. Here is one with Obama. Just try not laughing at McCain.

6. KeyofAwesome
The Key of Awesome aka Barely Political is a couple of guys and some guest stars that make top notch parodies music videos as well as some original funny videos. Check out this cover of Ke$ha's We R Who We R.

7. PrankVsPrank
Prank vs. Prank is a boyfriend and girlfriend couple who continuously play pranks on each other and film them for our viewing pleasure. Check out this one where the guy makes her think he cut off a chunk of her hair.

8. KassemG
Kassem G is know for his funny interviews of the public on various topics. He also participates in original videos and web series. Check out this one with outtakes from his Going Deep series. Can't wait for the new series!

9. JonLajoie
Jon Lajoie is somewhat popular now, but if your haven't checked out his channel yet, he has some hilarious videos and songs. Here's one called I Can Dance.

10. SkinnyBJesusMeeting
Skinny Bitch Jesus Metting is a channel I found through the Key of Awesome guys. This one is still in the early stages of making new funny videos but the 2 girls on this channel are very talented and have huge potential in my opinion. Check out this one where they play the game, Would You Rather.

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  1. Update: 11-30-11
    Check back for an updated list towards the end of the year where I will post the current top 10 Youtube channels list you should subscribe to.

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